Coaching Software for Client Management

It’s hard to give your clients an amazing experience when the back-end of your business is messy and hacked together. You need one command central to manage your packages, clients, contracts, billing, and scheduling.

We saw that the system was broken, so we created a new kind of coaching software. Here’s how it works . . .

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See At a Glance, For Every Client . . . 


How Many Sessions Are Left

Upcoming Appointments


Questionnaire Answers

Lifetime Spend

Signed Contracts


Your Private Notes


All Packages Purchased

Payment Status

Appointment History

Create a Clear Container For Your Work Together

Keeping track of how many sessions you have left is surprisingly time consuming!

You find yourself searching your calendar then searching your emails, trying to piece together the history.

This becomes a more serious problem when both you and your client don’t know where you are in the process. There’s a psychological safety in knowing exactly what’s been agreed to, and where you are in that agreement.

That’s why Paperbell shows both you and your client how many sessions you’ve had together, and how many remain in the package. Your client has their own special client portal to view this information as well as book any remaining sessions and make any necessary changes. 

There’s only one thing worse than accidentally giving people free sessions – accidentally overcharging for sessions you never delivered! When you use Paperbell you can always feel confident that will never happen.

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Paperbell shows both you and your client how many sessions you’ve had together, and how many remain in the package.
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Know Who & What Is Profitable

You’ve probably heard the adage that 20% of your clients make up 80% of your revenue, but is it actually true? With Paperbell, it’s finally easy to find out!

Paperbell shows you the complete revenue history of each client, as well as each package. This allows you to instant clarity on what used to be some of the toughest decisions in a coaches business. 


Create Client Surveys

Clients usually want to dig right into the work on the first call, but there’s a lot of background information that’s important to know before you can be helpful.

That’s why Paperbell has client questionnaires built right in. For every package you sell you can decide what information you’d like to gather before your first session. 

The best part is, their answers will always live in their client profile in Paperbell (not in email 3/27 of the thread called “re intro”). So it’s easy to quickly review their answers before every call.

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Keep Private Notes

You know your client had a specific financial goal they wanted to reach, but you can’t remember what it is. You know you wrote it down somewhere . . . but where? On your daily planner? On that random notepad that was sitting nearby? Or that google doc you told yourself you’d use for exactly this purpose but never actually do?

Paperbell has client notes built right into the software. So when you’re prepping for your next call, all you have to do is log in to Paperbell to have everything you need. You’ll be shown at a glance:

And the best part . . . you can throw out all of those random scraps of paper.

Without one central coaching software you end up with notes all over the place – how many sessions are left, who you need to invoice, what your client’s goals are. Now it’s all in one place: Paperbell. 

⛔️ Without Paperbell
No idea how many sessions you’ve already had, and how many you have left
Don't know which types of offering make the most money
Client notes are all over the place, and you can’t find them when you’re actually on the phone with a client
You have their intake questions in a random survey or email and you can’t find them later
Accidentally under or over-charging your clients
Client contracts are unorganised and hard to find
✅ With Paperbell
One-click clarity on exactly how many sessions you’ve had, and how many remain
See the lifetime revenue amount for each package you offer
One file for your client notes, tied to their profile, right inside Paperbell
Your client’s intake answers live right in their profile - you both can view them at any time
Paperbell handles all billing automatically
Each client's contract is saved in their profile

More Common Coaching Business Issues . . . Solved!

What about Scheduling?

In addition to handling all of your client management, Paperbell also includes a complete scheduling/booking system for your clients to get on your calendar. 

What about Taking Payments?

Yup, Paperbell does that too! Payment and booking is one seamless process for your clients. Plus, you can create subscription, group coaching, and multi-session packages.

Your First Client's On Us

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