How To Take The Payment Drama Out Of Your Coaching Business

Getting paid is the best, but dealing with getting paid is the worst! We’re referring to those super awkward client conversations about overdue payments. Or digging through a bunch of old emails trying to figure out who has already paid you, and who you completely forgot to send an invoice to.

We saw that the system is broken, so we created something much better, designed specifically for coaches. Here’s how it works . . .

Just ONE Source For Accepting Client Payments!

At first it didn’t seem like a big deal to let clients pay you through different channels: a little venmo here, a PayPal over there, a check in the mail, a wire transfer, a credit card payment.

But what you’re left with is a big fat mess: not only is your bookkeeping a nightmare, but all the different channels make it nearly impossible to figure out who has actually paid.

When you switch to Paperbell, you have ONE (and only one!) channel for all client payments to come through. Aaah, doesn’t that feel better?

Create Single, Multi-Session, or Sessions-Per-Month Offerings

One big reason we created Paperbell is to solve the problem of your scheduling and payment processes being disconnected. Paperbell makes it all one seamless process where your clients first pay, then schedule. (Learn more about how scheduling works in Paperbell here.)

Coaches often charge a monthly fee for a certain amount of sessions (e.g. two monthly sessions for $500/month), or sell sessions in packages (e.g. 6 sessions for $1,000). You can do all of these things in Paperbell!

You can also charge a flat fee for one session, or even create free discovery sessions.  

Whatever kind of package you can dream up, you can create in Paperbell! Just set the fee, number of sessions, and session lengths (20 min, 2 hours, etc). 

You can choose for your packages to be shown publicly on your landing page, or you can create private packages that you send only to certain clients. 

Your Client Quickly Pays You Online

We know that you have an ongoing relationship with your clients, which is why clients create a login to their own unique client portal with you. This allows them to purchase more sessions, manage their information, and book future sessions within packages.

Once they have logged in (or created their login) they’ll pay  whatever amount you’ve set for that package or subscription via credit card.

They’re only taken to your scheduling page after they’ve paid. This ensures that clients always pay up front, and you’re never left chasing down payment for sessions that have already happened. 

Know Who’s Paid at a Glance

Let’s be real, talking money with your clients is not exactly your favourite part of the job. That’s why we’ve taken “you” out of it. All you do is send a link to your offerings, and your client takes care of payment in full before they can move to the next step. 

This allows you to log into Paperbell and get a clean, clear list of your clients: their total lifetime spending as well as exactly which packages they bought and when. 

And the best part . . . never use the word “invoice” again.

Paperbell eliminates the need for invoices entirely. You no longer need to create an invoice, send an invoice, then send reminders for payment. That entire time-consuming cat-and-mouse chase is no longer necessary! Just send clients to your package page and they’ll see all details and pay right then and there.

More Common Payment Issues . . . Solved!

What about free sessions?

Many coaches like to have a free session (often called a discovery session or discovery call) before they start work with a client. You can absolutely manage these with Paperbell – your customer won’t have to enter any payment information.

What if I want to give a special discount?

You can create discounted packages to send to just one client or share publicly as a promotion. Just create a new package and set the price to whatever you like.

Which credit cards will I be able to accept?

You’ll be using either Stripe or PayPal as your payment processor, and both platforms accept all major credit cards. (Hooray!) If you don’t yet have a payment processor, we’ll help you get one set up. 

I live outside the US, can I set my price in my local currency?

With Paperbell you can set your prices in American USD, British GBP, Canadian CAD, European EUR, Australian AUD, or New Zealand NZD. 

⛔️ Without Paperbell
Create time-consuming custom invoices for every single client
Don’t always know which client a payment came from
Payments coming in from all different sources - venmo, paypal, checks, etc
Play “collections agent” sending endless reminders about payment
Have awkward conversations about payment being due instead of focusing on your work together
Pour through statements and emails trying to figure out who has paid and who hasn’t
✅ With Paperbell
No more invoices! Just send your clients to your landing page and they take care of payment themselves
A clear history of all payments made from each client, including the date and package that they purchased
All payments go straight to your bank account
Just send your client the link to your package, they take care of the rest
Payments can’t be overdue, clients always pay in full before they have the ability to schedule
A clear history of all payments made from each client, including the date and package that they purchased

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