The Ultimate Guide To Simple, Hassle-Free Client Scheduling

Getting your next session booked seems simple enough, but we know how painful it can be. We’re talking alllll of those emails back and forth as your schedule keeps changing. Or setting a date on a call then forgetting to write it down. Or discovering that your client meant pacific time, when you thought you were talking eastern.

We saw that the system is broken, so we created something much better, designed specifically for coaches. Here’s how it works . . .

First, decide when you'd like to time-block your client sessions.

We’re big fans of time blocking – deciding in advance when you’ll do certain activities in your business. That’s why it’s the first step in scheduling with Paperbell.

You have total control over your schedule and get to decide what blocks of time to set aside to work with clients.

For example, you could have “client time” every weekday morning, or every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Or, you allow clients to book any time during your normal workday (i.e. Monday – Friday, 9-5) and Paperbell will make sure you’re never double booked with other appointments made outside of Paperbell. (More on that soon!)

Unlike other scheduling tools, you can even create A/B schedules for those who like to work “on” their business one week, then “in” their business the next.

All of this is done via repeating time blocks so that you don’t have to manually choose the right times every single day.

We know that you already keep your life in Google Calendar: team meetings, your kid’s activities, doctor’s appointments, you name it! That’s why Paperbell is proud to partner with Google Calendar to make sure that clients can only book time when you are actually available. Here’s how it works:

You grant Paperbell permission to access your google calendars. Any time that’s booked on Google calendar will automatically become unavailable in Paperbell, even if you had already blocked that time as “available” to clients.

This means that you never need to update your availability in Paperbell – as long as the appointment is in GCal, it will be done automatically.

For example: you blocked 2-5pm in Paperbell for client meetings, but then you made a doctor’s appointment at 3pm that’s on your GCal. As soon as this happens, 3pm disappears from your Paperbell availability. 

You don’t need to go into Paperbell and change your availability for that day, it’s already done.

Your Google Calendar is still command central for your life – you just use Paperbell to control when clients can book with you. This eliminates the “two calendar problem” of other scheduling tools you may have tried. 

Next, sync your Google Calendar to ensure you're never double-booked.

Your client easily handles scheduling and payment in one go.

Clients see your availability, then immediately make payment in the same transaction.  

When clients purchase a multi-session package, they can schedule the appointments all at once or over time. It’s just like buying a package from a fitness studio. 

Clients can also use their login to change or cancel appointments, as long as they are within your cancellation/change window. 

Too many coaches waste time “chasing invoices” after they’ve already provided the service, and unfortunately sometimes end up not getting paid at all. Paperbell permanently solves that issue!

Clients cannot get on your calendar until payment has been made. 

You can also create ongoing monthly agreements  that will be charged automatically, giving your clients a certain number of appointments per month.

When you integrate Paperbell with Google Calendar, you’ll choose a calendar to publish to. This allows Paperbell to create appointments on your google calendar the instant that someone books. (You’ll also receive an email to give you a heads up.) 

You can decide if you’d like to let people book right away, or if you’d like a window of time between now and the appointment. (This ensures you won’t be surprised by a client booking 5 minutes from now!)

You can also log into your Paperbell account for an agenda view of all of your upcoming and past sessions. Or, click on a client’s name to see an overview of only their sessions.

Your client will receive an email with a link to a Google Calendar event so that they can ensure the appointment is on their calendar as well. This calendar event contains all of the information you both need including the details of how you’ll meet (like your zoom meeting URL).

The appointment shows up in both of your Google calendars automatically.

More Common Scheduling Issues . . . Solved!

What about time zones?

Not having to navigate time zones is one of our favourite things about Paperbell!! Paperbell always shows you your time zone, and always shows your client their time zone. 

We handle all of the time zone math for you automatically. Just tell Paperbell your availability in your time zone, and your clients will see it in their time zone. We also account for any daylight savings time changes.

And what if someone books an appointment a year from now? I don’t like having stuff on my calendar that far out!

With Paperbell you can decide how many months out you’d like appointments. We don’t like to have random appointments booked next year messing up our family holidays, so we figured you don’t either. You’re in total control of how far in the future your clients can book.

Can I set different availability for different offerings?

Of course! Let’s say you like to do all of your discovery calls on Monday, or save Fridays for longer deep-dive sessions. Just tell Paperbell how you like to work, and it will all be reflected for your clients automatically. 

How do I make sure clients don’t book 5 minutes from now?

No one wants a client call to pop up unexpectedly with no notice! That’s why Paperbell’s “appointment notice” feature lets you choose the minimum number of days from now that a client can book. You can choose anywhere from zero notice up to one week. We recommend one  to three days so that you have enough notice, but your clients aren’t frustrated by waiting too long to speak with you.

I don’t want to get booked up back to back with no breaks in between!

Yup, we thought of that too! Paperbell’s “appointment gap” feature allows you to automatically decide how long you’d like between appointments. We like to do 10 minutes, but you can choose whatever you like. Then Paperbell will automatically take care of making sure you have a small break between appointments.

How can I make sure I'm never double booked?

Paperbell syncs with your Google Calendar to make sure that your client availability reflects your whole life. No need to continually tweak your client availability, if you’re booked on your Google Calendar, that time will not show to clients. 

⛔️ Without Paperbell
Sending endless emails back and forth suggesting random times, having no idea what your client’s schedule is like or even what time zone they’re in
Forgetting to add an appointment to your calendar after you finally agreed on a time and missing the appointment
Having no idea if the appointment is on your client’s google calendar
Random appointments at all times of day all over your calendar
Having clients go MIA mid scheduling conversation
Still chasing up payment AFTER they’ve already had the session with you
Starting the endless email chain again for reschedules
Completely disconnected booking and payment systems
Multi-session packages are a hot mess, have to manually schedule each appointment
✅ With Paperbell
Your client chooses a time in their own time zone, with only times that you’ve already chosen available to them
All appointments are in your google calendar the instant they’re booked
Paperbell sends your client a google calendar invitation and you can see their response, ensuring that you know that they’ve seen and confirmed it
Predetermined blocks of time so you can completely focus on serving your clients
Clients schedule themselves with just a few clicks
Scheduling and payment happen in one smooth workflow
You or your clients can reschedule within Paperbell
One elegant system to accept payments, book sessions, and manage client information
Clients book sessions on their own, whenever they’re ready (every session booked up-front, or over time)

What else can Paperbell take off my plate?

What about Taking Payments?

Payment and booking is one seamless process for your clients. Plus, you can create subscription, group coaching, and multi-session packages. Even sell your digital downloads online!

What about Client Management?

Yup, Paperbell does that too! See your notes, purchase history, signed contracts, completed surveys, appointment history and more for each client at a glance. 

Your First Client's On Us

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