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How To Add Existing Clients to Paperbell

Want to add existing clients that you’re currently working with into Paperbell? Here’s how!

Hold up!
We ONLY suggest doing this for clients who have ALREADY PAID for a currently ongoing service which you would like to manage/schedule in Paperbell.

For previous clients to purchase new services, we recommend NOT adding them yourself. Instead, just send them to the link to the Paperbell package to purchase.

How to move clients to Paperbell who have already paid to work with you:

This is also how you grant access to clients who have paid “outside” Paperbell, for example using a cheque.

  1. Create your current packages in Paperbell

    When you add clients, you’ll need to know what work they are currently doing with you. Learn more about creating packages here.

    You’ll create the “standard” version of the package everyone goes through, not something specific to your existing client.

    For example, if you offer a six-session package but your client has already completed three sessions, make the package six sessions. (We’ll modify your existing client’s package very soon!)

  2. Add the client to Paperbell

    Go to your Clients page and click the “add client” button in the top right corner.

  3. Gift your client their package
    If your client has already paid for a package outside of Paperbell, gift it to them by clicking on their name in your client list, then clicking the “Gift package” button.

    Once you gift a package, your client will receive an email from Paperbell with their “receipt” and instructions on booking their appointments. Give your client a heads-up that they’ll receive this email so that they will know to look out for it.

    They’ll receive all automated emails that you’ve created for that package.

  4. Modify the number of appointments if neccesary

    If your client is part-way through a package with you and has already completed some appointments, you can modify the number of appointments in their package.

    Find the package you gifted in their purchase history (at the bottom of their client profile) and click “Modify” next to that package. You can then increase or decrease the number of appointments in the package.

How to add past clients that aren’t currently working with you

To add past clients to Paperbell you have two choices:

  1. Use the “add client” button to add clients to your Paperbell system. They will not have any package history but you will have them in your database and be able to store notes on them.
    Please note that you may not want to add your previous clients as this can cause duplication problems – if they buy a package from you in the future and use a different email address, they will be in your system twice.
  2. Send your previous clients Paperbell booking links as they purchase packages from you.
    The next time a new or previous client wants to work with you, just send them to your Paperbell landing page or booking URL found on your package overview. (Here’s more info on how to find those URLs).

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