How To Hire a Project Manager (And Why Coaches Need One)

how to hire a project manager

To run a successful coaching business, you need to have your eyes on the ball at all times.

But as your business grows, handling everything on your own becomes challenging. 

This is where hiring a project manager can make a significant difference. But how do you even get started? How do you gauge the best candidates for your specific coaching business?

Keep reading to discover:

  • What is a project manager?
  • Why should you hire a project manager for your coaching business
  • How to hire a project manager

What Is a Project Manager?

A project manager is a skilled professional who oversees the project planning, execution, and completion of projects within an organization. They are responsible for ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet the desired objectives. 

Also, project managers act as a central point of contact by coordinating different teams and stakeholders involved in the project. They’re the ones ensuring effective communication throughout the entire process.

As such, project managers bring structure and organization to your coaching business. They have the expertise to: 

  • Break down complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Create realistic timelines for the project scope
  • Keep track of project progress
  • Handle your project management tool
  • And so much more!

They are skilled at identifying potential risks and implementing strategies to mitigate them. By taking charge of project management, project managers allow you to focus on other important aspects of growing your coaching business.

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In addition to overseeing project execution, project managers play a crucial role in the planning phase. They work closely with key stakeholders to define project goals, objectives, and deliverables. 

Through effective collaboration and consultation, project managers ensure that the project aligns with the organization’s strategic objectives and addresses the needs of all stakeholders involved.

So, if you’re running a coaching business with multiple stakeholders, a good project manager may be an invaluable team member.

Project managers are also skilled communicators. They facilitate clear and open communication between team members, stakeholders, and coaching clients. 

By fostering a collaborative environment, project managers ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. This common goal can be both a business and a coaching client’s goals.

Finally, project managers are skilled problem solvers. They are trained to anticipate potential obstacles and develop contingency plans to mitigate risks. 

In the face of unexpected challenges, project managers remain calm and composed. That’s how they can find innovative solutions to keep the project moving forward. Their ability to think critically and make informed decisions under pressure is invaluable for coaches who wish to support several clients simultaneously.

How much does it cost to hire a project manager?

Let’s say you’re ready to outsource your project management. What can you expect to pay?

It’s difficult to figure out what it will cost to hire a project manager. That said,  the average full-time salary for a project manager in the United States is $79,089 per year. 

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However, you may pay a different amount if you’re hiring a contractor or freelancer instead of a full-time project manager. You may also see different figures depending on which country you’re hiring from.

But for the ideal project manager, it’s 100% worth the investment.

Why Should You Hire a Project Manager for Your Coaching Business?

If you’ve always run your coaching business solo, you might hesitate to add another person to your team. However, hiring a project manager can quickly pay off in more ways than one.

Here are a handful of reasons why hiring a project manager for your coaching business is a smart decision.

1. Streamline your operations

A project manager ensures that your coaching business operates smoothly by organizing tasks, setting priorities, and ensuring deadlines are met. Not only that – they also create processes and systems that improve efficiency and minimize bottlenecks in your coaching process.

These may seem unnecessary when you’re only coaching three or four clients at once. But it’s another story entirely if you’re trying to launch more complicated coaching programs, such as memberships or large-scale group coaching programs!

For instance, let’s say you’re planning a launch for a new program. At the same time, you’ve also hired a VA to help you out… and you’re still coaching several clients. That’s a lot on your plate.

So, how do you ensure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks? 

Have a project manager whip your operations into shape. With streamlined operations, you can serve your clients better and scale your business effectively.

Imagine having a well-defined workflow where tasks are assigned, tracked, and completed on time! That’s what a project manager can do for you. 

2. Increased productivity

Let’s pretend, for a moment, that you’ve already got perfectly streamlined operations. Even in this case, you’ll still run into a bottleneck if you’re trying to get more coaching clients.

If you need to focus on everything at once, such as:

  • Finding new coaching clients
  • Launching a new program
  • Supporting your existing clients
  • Managing projects
  • And so much more

… you risk finding yourself scattered all over the place. 

It’s difficult to perform at the top of your game when you’ve got so many different things distracting you.

You free up valuable time and energy by delegating project management responsibilities to a skilled professional. This enables you to focus on your core expertise and deliver exceptional coaching services. 

With a project manager handling the logistics, you can accomplish more in less time… and you can accomplish it at a higher level.

3. Improved communication

A project manager acts as a bridge between different teams to ensure smooth communication and collaboration. And with improved communication skills, your coaching business can enhance teamwork and deliver projects seamlessly.

Now, this isn’t to say you’ll be excused from communicating effectively if you hire a project manager. But it does mean you won’t be alone to figure it out.

By promoting effective communication, a project manager helps your coaching business build strong relationships with clients, team members, and other stakeholders involved with your business.

4. Proactive problem-solving

Experienced project managers are trained to anticipate potential roadblocks and develop contingency plans. Their problem-solving skills and experience help them navigate challenges effectively.

As a result, you and your clients benefit from minimized disruptions in your coaching business.

 By having a project manager in place, you can address issues proactively and maintain a smooth workflow.

For example, how do you move things around when you get a last-minute client request? Or what happens when your VA is out sick?  A project manager will proactively figure these things out so that you’re not alone when everything feels like it’s on fire.

How To Hire a Project Manager

Now that you understand the benefits a project manager can bring to your coaching business, let’s discuss how to find the right candidate for the role!

1. Define your needs

Before you hire project managers, start by determining the specific skills and qualifications you are looking for in a project manager. 

Consider the nature of your coaching business and the projects you undertake. Do you need someone with experience in your coaching niche? Should they have certifications in project management? 

Clearly defining your needs will help you narrow your search so that you don’t waste time evaluating candidates that don’t fit those needs.

For example, if your coaching business focuses on helping clients with marketing strategies, you may want a project manager with experience in this field. They should be familiar with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing and have a proven track record of successfully managing similar projects.

2. Write a job description

Once you know who you need to hire, it’s time to create your project manager job description.

This section could be an entire post in and of itself… oh wait, it already is!

Make sure to check out this post to write the best project manager job description for your coaching business.

3. Conduct interviews

When shortlisting potential candidates, conduct thorough interviews to assess their experience, skills, and cultural fit. 

Ask about their previous project management roles and the outcomes they achieved. You should also ask about their approach to handling challenges and communication style. 

The interview process will give you valuable insights into how well each candidate would fit with your coaching business.

You can also ask candidates to provide examples of projects they have managed. This will help you better understand their problem-solving abilities and ability to handle complex tasks.

how to hire a project manager

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4. Check references

Getting references from previous employers or clients is a critical step in the hiring process. Contact these references for more information about the candidate’s performance, ability to meet deadlines, and overall professionalism. 

This will help you verify their credentials and make an informed decision.

When speaking with references, ask specific questions about: 

  • The candidate’s project management skills
  • Their ability to work under pressure
  • Their communication style

This will give you a well-rounded view of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

5. Consider cultural fit

A project manager will be working closely with other members of your team (if you have one). But they may also interact with your coaching clients.

That’s why assessing their compatibility with your coaching business’s values and work dynamics is so important. 

Look for someone who aligns with your organization’s culture and exhibits the necessary leadership skills to motivate and inspire the team.

Consider asking candidates situational or behavioral questions to assess how they handle conflicts. There are several “correct” ways to handle conflicts, but not all will align with your coaching business’ culture.

For example, inclusivity is an important value in your coaching business. If this is the case, consider asking questions such as:

  • What would they do if a client came to them feeling like someone on your team said something insensitive or inappropriate?
  • How do they communicate to ensure they don’t accidentally marginalize certain people?
  • What does inclusivity mean to them?

Project managers can deepen their skills, but changing their personality and culture is more difficult. That’s why you should gauge these things before you choose who to hire.

Hire The Best Project Manager to Scale Your Coaching Business

Hiring a project manager can significantly benefit your coaching business by optimizing operations, increasing productivity, improving communication, and enabling proactive problem-solving!

But if you’re not there yet… there’s no need to rush.

In most cases, all coaches need to do is simply streamline their existing processes to reduce the overload of admin work they need to do.

This is where Paperbell comes in. Paperbell simplifies the way you run your online coaching business. With features such as automated scheduling, reminder emails, and integrated payment links, you can spend more time coaching your clients and less time figuring out how to make it all run!

Try Paperbell out for free to simplify the way you run your business today.

how to hire a project manager
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