Erickson Coaching Reviews: What Graduates Say About Their Experience

Erickson Coaching International is one of the most widely recognized certification providers for coaches globally. Their flagship program, The Art & Science of Coaching, offers comprehensive training and allows graduates to apply for ICF credentials.

We’ve gathered real reviews from coaches who have completed the program to share their experience with Erickson. But first, let’s look at Erickson’s history in the coaching industry and its program structure.

What Is Erickson Coaching International?

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Erickson Coaching International is a highly recognized, ICF-accredited coaching certification provider. It was originally established in 1980 in Vancouver, Canada, under the name “Erickson College.” Eventually, the organization expanded its reach and established its presence globally.

Erickson’s approach is known for its emphasis on flexibility and adaptability in coaching. Its flagship program, the “Art and Science of Coaching,” equips participants with the practical skills needed to navigate diverse coaching scenarios.

Erickson Coaching International has earned a reputation for its commitment to high coaching standards all over the world. The institution’s coaching methodology is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), contributing to its credibility in the industry.

Who Are the Founders of Erickson Coaching International?

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Erickson Coaching International was founded by Marilyn Atkinson and Clinton Swaine. Marilyn Atkinson is a renowned figure in the coaching field and is known for her pioneering work in developing the Solution-Focused Coaching methodology. Her approach has since become a central component of Erickson’s coaching programs.

Marilyn Atkinson’s vision was to create an institution that not only delivered exceptional coaching education but also contributed to the evolution and growth of the industry. Her commitment to innovation and excellence laid the foundation for Erickson Coaching International’s success.

Clinton Swaine, co-founder of Erickson, also played a significant role in the organization’s development. Together, Atkinson and Swaine worked to establish Erickson as a global leader in coach training, offering programs that blended practical skills with a deep understanding of human potential.

Program Structure

Erickson’s flagship program is The Art and Science of Coaching. You can either complete it online in the course of a few weeks, or travel to one of their locations for an 8-day, fast-track training event.

The program is broken down into Level 1 and Level 2, corresponding with the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentials at the International Coaching Federation.

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The Art and Science of Coaching Program includes two essential and two advanced courses, each addressing a core coaching question. Namely…

  • What do you want?
  • How might you accomplish it?
  • Why is that important to you?
  • How would you know you’ve achieved it?

The Essentials Course delves into shifting from problem-oriented to solution-focused coaching. The first part focuses on forming coaching relationships, the coaching mindset, and Erickson’s Coaching Arrow process. The second part covers the strategizing and execution of the desired outcomes.

The first part of the Advanced Course teaches how to uncover client motivational structures, handle objections, and leverage values for commitment. The second part focuses on how clients experience success. It tests and integrates skills and competencies acquired across all course components, providing a holistic understanding of Solution-Focused Coaching.

The Art & Science of Coaching program focuses on life coaching competencies. However, Erickson also offers specialized courses in topics like leadership, parenting, and NLP.

How Much Does The Art & Science of Coaching Cost?

At the time of publishing this article, the cost of The Art & Science of Coaching programs are:

  • Level 1: $4,512
  • Level 2: $8,496

These fees cover the online version of their Essentials and Advanced program, exclusive of taxes. On-site training and mentor coaching may involve additional fees. For the most up-to-date information about Erickson’s tuition, you can refer to their website or get in touch with one of their local program coordinators.

Reviews From Real Coaches

Below, we’ve gathered some reviews from coaches who have completed The Art & Science of Coaching certification program at Erickson.

Please note that we haven’t taken this particular certification ourselves. If you want to speak to one of their graduates, we suggest you get in touch with them through Erickson’s local program coordinators or through their global LinkedIn community.

Exceptional Training Quality

Erickson stands out amongst other certification programs with its high standards in training quality. Giorgi Tartarashvili, a certified coach who took The Art & Science of Coaching training in New York, shares:

“Their methodology is very simple and easy to understand. The materials and practice sessions were designed to bring maximum possible value and practical experience to future coaches.

I have been taking other coaching training after Erickson, but everywhere I go I see how effective their methodology is. Not to mention the great trainers and the friendly environment. I would highly recommend Erickson to anyone who wants to study coaching.”

Diverse Resources and a Global Community

Acacia Duncan was positively surprised by the helpful resources and the community support she received at Erickson.

In her review, she shares how well-structured the curriculum was and that the facilitation made her learning experience enjoyable. As she says: 

The group discussion and practice breakout sessions allow me to feel like an important member of the class and I look forward to each session.”

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Personalized Feedback

Another positive aspect of the program that participants have highlighted is the opportunity to receive personal feedback on their coaching process. As Jennifer Hundleby-Anthony shares:

“I am completing Part 1 of The Art and Science of Coaching with Erickson and truly feel that I have made an excellent choice. (…) The quality of the facilitation is excellent and incredibly supportive. No matter your experience, each student is encouraged and provided with feedback to support their deeper learning.”

She was also positively surprised at the training quality, as well as the additional materials and resources provided by Erickson. Additionally, she mentions that the support team has assisted her when she needed technical help, and adds:

“No journey is complete without a few bumps, but Erickson has managed to make each one another positive experience.”


Erickson Coaching International is one of the most well-known certification providers in the world and has received numerous positive reviews from students. The Art & Science of Coaching certification can be a great investment if…

  • You’re looking for comprehensive coaching training that covers all the essentials for life coaches
  • You want to earn Level 1,2, or 3 ICF credentials
  • You want to be a part of a global network of coaches certified by a well-known organization

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January 19, 2024

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