Honest Reviews About the Institute of Positive Psychology

The Institute of Positive Psychology Coaching (IPPC) offers advanced applied positive psychology coaching training. Accredited by the ICF, this comprehensive certification leads to a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach (CAPPC) designation.

Let’s explore how the IPCC certification was created and some reviews from alumni on their experience.

What Is The Institute of Positive Psychology Coaching?

The Institute of Positive Psychology Coaching (IPPC) is a global coaching certification provider that offers ICF-accredited training. It’s a program that uniquely integrates positive psychology and coaching psychology. 

This innovative approach is especially suited for leadership coaches seeking advanced evidence-based training and business development. As the first program of its kind, the IPPC curriculum covers over 137 hours of training across their Level 1 and Level 2 programs.

Graduates of the IPPC earn a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach (CAPPC) designation, positioning themselves at the forefront of this emerging field. They will be equipped with the core competencies to enhance their coaching clients’ well-being, potential, and performance.

Who is the Founder of IPPC?

The Institute of Positive Psychology Coaching (IPPC) was founded in 2020 by an award-winning leadership and coaching executive, Meriflor Toneatto. After 13 years of transforming lives through evidence-based positive psychology coaching, she established IPPC to share her expertise with other professionals.

Mariflor has a remarkable background with an M.Sc. in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and a Doctoral candidacy in Positive Psychology Coaching and Leadership Development. She’s also an ICF Master and Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC).

Her passion for coaching and transforming lives comes from her motto, “Do good and prosper.” Under Meriflor’s leadership, IPPC aims to empower leadership coaches globally with scientific knowledge, skills, and advanced evidence-based training.

The Structure of the Positive Psychology Coaching Certification at IPPC


The Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coaching program has two levels and 129 ICF credits for continuing education.

You can take both certifications at your own pace, but you must allocate at least five months for Level 1 and 12 months for Level 2. The full program can be completed within 16-18 months.

Level 1: The Applied Positive Psychology Coaching Certificate

Level 1 consists of five core modules delivered through flexible, self-paced online learning:

  1. The Science of Wellbeing
  2. Foundations in Positive Psychology Coaching
  3. Positive Psychology Coaching for Positive Leadership
  4. Positive Psychology Coaching and the Strengths-Based Approach
  5. Positive Psychology Coaching for Enhancing Resilience
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These five modules are delivered through:

  • 35 hours of digital recorded courses
  • 25 hours of exercises and assignments
  • 10 hours of live support and practical feedback

Level 2: Applied Positive Psychology Coaching Diploma

Level 2 has two prerequisites: the Level 1 Certificate and the applied course Practicing Applied Positive Psychology Coaching.

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It includes:

  • 12 monthly live practicum training and practice sessions with a cohort of like-minded peers
  • 12 hours of small group supervision from expert faculty and practitioners

Students can complete Level 2 in a year and earn a Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach (CAPPC) designation. It also provides 49 ICF continuing education credits.

Both levels are designed to meet the evolving needs of leadership coaches, offering flexible study durations and a faculty of experienced practitioners with an average of 15-20 years of expertise. IPPC also gives you access to an online student forum, one-to-one tutoring, and additional support from program coordinators.

How Much Does Certification at IPPC Cost?

At the time of publishing this article, IPPC certification costs:

  • USD 3,500 for Level 1, payable in three installments of USD 1,167 each
  • USD 8,200 for Level 2

If you’ve started Level 1 and decide to withdraw within 15 days, IPPC offers a 50% refund. Beyond 15 days, no refunds are available.

IPPC offers a 50% partial grant for those requiring financial aid for both levels, according to their website. For more details on tuition fees, we suggest you get in touch with their team.

Real Reviews from Coaches

Since IPPC is a fairly young institution, there aren’t many independent reviews written by its trainees that are available publicly. However, we’ve gathered some testimonials from alums to give you an idea of what you can expect from this program.

Please note that we haven’t taken this particular certification ourselves. If you’re looking for direct reviews from program participants, we suggest you reach out to the faculty to get referred to graduate coaches.

Integrative Curriculum

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Petra Walker, a Chartered Coaching Psychologist, has arrived with some impressive credentials for the IPCC program. She realized that even though she had vast knowledge of positive psychology and coaching, this certification has helped her bridge some gaps in her knowledge.

“When I first heard of the IPPC diploma in Positive Psychology Coaching, I didn’t think it would add to my knowledge, but I was curious, so I channeled my love of learning into the first program.

I realized that although I already had both the positive psychology and coaching psychology knowledge, actually applying it coherently was something I could improve on. Starting (and finishing) this program has helped me fill that gap in my coaching practice.”

Competitive Knowledge for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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Katia Bartels is a Senior IT Global Leader and a leadership well-being coach. She found the IPCC program valuable for both self-coaching and expanding her methodology as a coaching professional.

“My goal in enrolling in the program was to learn how to help others, but in the process, I also learned how to apply the learnings to my own challenges to grow as a person, leader and coach.

What is so great about Positive Psychology Coaching is that a coach can rely upon all techniques, frameworks, and evidence-based approaches from multiple studies and research.

This helped me build my coaching skills further, and I gained the confidence to apply the acquired skills successfully in my coaching conversations and practice.”

Additionally, the program helped her develop the business side of her coaching practice.

Unique Coaching Methodology

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Jason Roncoroni is the Founder of Ordinary Hero Coaching. He’s taken other similar courses and felt that IPCC provides something unique in the industry.

“The IPPC program was inspirational for me because it satisfied my hunger for learning about the deeper science behind leadership, performance, and coaching. Through this program, I was exposed to resources that I previously didn’t know existed within the field of coaching or coaching psychology.”

Beyond learning coaching methodologies, the certification also inspired his new career mission.


The IPPC offers a unique combination of positive psychology and coaching psychology training as a part of their certification. Although the institution is only a few years old, the alumni have had positive experiences, and the program offers many benefits, including ICF credentials. 

The IPPC certification can be a worthwhile investment for leadership coaches who want to further their education with competitive, ICF-accredited training programs.

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