Transform Your Coaching Practice With An EQ Certification

Whether you are a veteran life coach, an emerging relationship coach, or working somewhere in between, obtaining your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching Certification can unlock even greater success and connection to those you work with.

Today, we are delving into the work of Six Seconds and the EQ Certification course options they provide to help you decide whether these programs are suitable for you in your next career step. This article will cover:

  • What is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • The History of the Six Seconds EQ Coaching Program
  • EQ Certification Specializations
  • The EQ Certification Cost 
  • Six Seconds Certification Reviews

What is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach?

A Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach is an expert who has undergone specialized training and obtained certification to help individuals and organizations assist their emotional intelligence (EQ). These coaches have the knowledge, skills, and tools to assess, teach, and support clients to understand and manage their emotions effectively.

The EQ Coach Certification Program offered through Six Seconds is a global certification program founded on evidence-based methodologies for transformational change. 

The History of the Six Seconds EQ Coaching Program

For the past 25 years, Six Seconds has trained over 25,000 people worldwide in emotional intelligence, leading to better workplace culture, resiliency, insights, and client relations. 

Founded in 1997, Six Seconds is a non-profit organization with the mission to transform through the power of emotional intelligence. Their name and mission are based on the scientific evidence that six seconds is all it takes for the body to recognize emotion after a reaction. Hence, one of their guiding principles:

“It takes six seconds to manage anger. It takes six seconds to create compassion. It takes six seconds to change the world.”

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However, you don’t need to understand the neuroscience and breakdown of amino acids behind the six-second theory to grow your own EQ. The founding team of scientists, educators, and researchers have made it their mission to build insight, connection, and purpose through the theories of emotional intelligence. 

The team at Six Seconds wants all of their prospective EQ students to know that emotional intelligence is already inside of you, and Six Seconds is here to help you learn how to use it more effectively—six seconds at a time.

EQ Certification Specializations

The community of changemakers at Six Seconds shares scientific and research-based tools to support coaches in becoming highly effective. Building upon your existing coaching foundation with a transformational emotional intelligence framework will significantly improve your practice. 

Six Seconds offers five different certification options, aiming to optimize your learning with robust, engaging materials and remarkable facilitators. Get ready for a transformational learning process that includes:

  • Expert faculty
  • Hands-on and practical activities
  • Ample practice and application time
  • Access to the world’s leading emotional intelligence tools

Read on for a brief breakdown of each certification option offered through Six Seconds. You can also request a free coaching e-book from Six Seconds to read more about how emotional intelligence can enhance your coaching practice. 

1.  EQ Coach Certification

This certification is the most comprehensive of all options offered. In this course, you will receive intensive training alongside a worldwide community to learn how to be a coach and deliver an exceptional coaching experience. This certification program combines the newest research on emotional intelligence and neuroscience to equip you with the critical skills to facilitate extraordinary results with your clients. 

Upon completion, you will become a Certified EQ Coach and achieve the Professional Certified Coach level with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This certification pathway totals 220 instructional hours and is available in hybrid and virtual learning platforms. 

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The EQ Coach Certificate is one of a handful of coaching certifications in North America that offers graduate credit. Your work is eligible to receive 9-semester credits transferable to select MA and MBA programs!

2.  EQ Practitioner Certification

The EQ Practitioner course offers a deep dive into the science of emotional intelligence and the tools to apply this work to your coaching sphere. Rooted in extensive research, this course is a dynamic and transformative three-day learning experience that will give you the tools for practicing emotional intelligence and creating a context for clients to do the same.

The Practitioner Certification course is available in both virtual and hybrid platforms multiple languages, and totals 29 instructional hours. 

3.  EQ Assessor Certification

An EQ Assessor Certification will allow you to understand EQ deeper and give you the skills and knowledge to deliver, measure, and interpret EQ assessments. The world’s leading EQ assessment, the SEI, is used in over 150 countries for training and coaching. 

This course has hybrid and virtual learning options across multiple languages. You will learn to interpret SEI assessments and provide quantifiable feedback. 

4.  EQ Performance Metrics Certification

Becoming certified in Emotional Intelligence Performance Metrics gives coaches the tools to increase productivity and performance through the measurable and learnable skills of emotional intelligence. This course offers learners the skills to diagnose, design, and deliver solutions to clientele using an actionable and transformational EQ toolkit.

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This 36-hour course is a self-directed learning program that takes place over nine weeks and includes five facilitated sessions and four one-on-one individualized debriefing sessions. The EQ Performance Metrics program is offered in multiple languages and can be completed virtually or in a hybrid format. 

5.  EQ Educator

As a certified SEL specialist, you will have the tools and training for an optimal learning environment, supporting the current needs of the school climate and culture. Research shows that many children and learners face substantial social and emotional barriers to educational success. High-quality SEL instruction is directly linked to less disruptive learning environments, decreased depression among students, and higher academic performance. 

You can become a Certified EQ Educator and join the many education organizations that have made it their mission to create an ideal learning environment for learners. 

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The full certification is offered in a hybrid or virtual format and totals 150 instructional hours. 

6. Brain Profiler Certification

Learn how to integrate emotional intelligence into every training and coaching session. Becoming certified as a Brain Profiler will teach you how to interpret and debrief the results of the Brain Profile Suite, a set of four tools for advanced EQ assessment. You will have access to this suite of tools and learn the framework for supporting EQ development in others with insight and quantifiable feedback. 

It is possible to complete the Brain Profiler Certification in 10 hours of virtual or blended learning. It also includes culminating project work. 

This proven methodology is used in over 200+ countries, and the tools are used across multiple corporations and fields worldwide. 

EQ Coaching Cost Structure

Investing in your business and professional development is a powerful way to grow and improve your success with clients. Investment is highly personal and depends significantly on your resources, time commitment, and career level. 

Fortunately, the certification options from Six Seconds range in cost, providing coaches at any career and resource level the option to access professional development.

Remember that certification costs and requirements can vary by region and territory. Contact Six Seconds in your region for specific cost breakdowns of the certification program you would like to pursue. Here’s the breakdown for each course:

  • EQ Certification Course (full pathway): $10,000
  • EQ Practitioner Certification Course: $2,400
  • EQ Assessor Certification Course: $1,295 – $1,895 
  • EQ Performance Metrics Certification Course: $2,395 
  • EQ Educator Certification: $7,000
  • Brain Profiler Certification Course: $275 – $495

Each certification also provides coaches with a global network of other learners and access to the resource library of EQ assessments and tools learned in each individualized certification program.

Reviews About the EQ Coaching Program

Coaches worldwide have used the Six Seconds tools and assessments in their certification courses to become highly effective. As you consider investing in an EQ certification program, reading reviews from other Six Seconds students may be helpful.

Business and Personal Transformation

Veronica Barber, a recent graduate of Six Seconds and a Chief People Officer, not only found the EQ Certification program transformative in her business, but in her personal life and journey of the self as well.

“I experienced a far deeper personal and professional transformation than any other learning journey I have ever been on. I’m a different person now, equipped with a new perspective and incredibly impactful and practical tools to help others harness their emotions to yield positive outcomes and find their life’s true purpose. Simply amazing. Thank you, Six Seconds!” 

Well-grounded in Solid Research 

A Chief Administrative Officer completed the EQ Certification Program and found that combining the EQ certification with the International Coaching Federation would be a substantial benefit. 

“I found the model thorough, easy to understand, and well-grounded in solid research. Their resource library and support personnel are extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and how they melded their EQ model into the International Coaching Federation credentialing is outstanding.”

Six Seconds is an established certification organization that has received 5-star reviews for many years. On their Facebook page, numerous positive reviews dating back to 2017, including Mary Welty-Dapkus, who loved the program so much that she returned for a second certification. 

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Regardless of your coaching and client profile, an EQ Certification will be of great value to your work and your relationships. Graduates work in various fields and corporate organizations, and they have seen the substantial benefits of Six Seconds certification courses across their multiple fields.  

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As you consider your certification path, consider contacting Six Seconds to ask for additional graduate references. 

Obtain an EQ Certification and Transform Your Business

Obtain an EQ Certification and unlock your potential as a transformational and extraordinary coach. Join thousands of global leaders who coach through the lens of emotional intelligence and empower your clients with the insight and tools to grow. 

If you want to take your coaching business to the next level on top of your EQ certification, you can start using Paperbell. It’s the easiest and simplest way to create coaching packages and showcase your work as a coach. 

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By Kathryn Medina-Ghiraldini
Kathryn Medina-Ghiraldini (M.A., M.Ed.) is an educational curriculum and content writer and has worked in the educational space for 15 years. She is an Instructional and Pedagogy Coach with vast experience facilitating and coaching groups of educational thought leaders and instructors. Her writing is focused on educational topics including personal development, instructional strategies, and effective and equitable leadership.
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