The Gestalt Center Certification Experience According to Graduate Coaches

The Gestalt Center is a popular coaching certification provider with online and in-person classes in Istanbul and Toronto. Their flagship program offers comprehensive training based on the Gestalt method and allows graduates to apply for ICF credentials.

We’ve gathered some honest reviews from coaches who have completed the program or taken other workshops facilitated by the same faculty. But first, let’s look at the methodology of the Gestalt Center and the founders who brought it to life.

What Is the Gestalt Center for Coaching?

The Gestalt Center for Coaching is an ICF-accredited training center known for its flagship certification program based on the Gestalt approach.

Gestalt psychology is a school of psychology that focuses on understanding how people perceive and experience the world as “organized wholes” rather than isolated elements. 

The term “Gestalt” comes from the German word for “form” or “shape,” and in this context, it refers to the idea that the mind perceives and organizes stimuli into meaningful patterns.

Driven by this theory, the philosophy of the Gestalt Center states that being aware of oneself and others, within possibilities, is the key to successful coaching. The coach’s support and presence are crucial for clients to set practical and believable goals and to achieve them. 

The Gestalt Coaching Program covers coaching theory, methods, and techniques, emphasizing ongoing assessment, practice, and constructive feedback. It helps participants design coaching practices that foster learning, creativity, and intentional change.

Who Are the Founders of the Gestalt Center for Coaching?

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The Gestalt Center for Coaching, formerly the Eurasian Gestalt Center, was founded through the collaborative efforts of three master coaches: Dorothy E. Siminovitch, Dost Can Deniz, and Gila Ancel Seritcioglu.

Dorothy Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC, co-introduced the International Gestalt Coaching Program (IGCP) and co-developed the Gestalt Coaching Program (GCP), the second globally recognized gestalt-based coaching program with ICF certification.

Dost Can Deniz, MBA, MCC, was the first Master Certified Coach in Southeast Europe. As the head coach of MareFidelis Coaching and Consulting, he specializes in coaching top leaders and executive teams around the world.

Gila Ancel Seritcioglu, MA, MCC, is a psychologist, educator, and expressive arts therapist. She works with executives and designs experiential training using creative techniques.

The founders envisioned the Gestalt Center for Coaching as a hub for Gestalt-based coaching skills and leadership development. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive coaching experience contribute to the center’s mission of bringing together creative methods and human development.

The Structure of the Gestalt Coaching Program

The Gestalt Coaching Program™ is an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) structured to provide a comprehensive and experiential learning environment. 

It consists of:

  • Four training sessions spread over 5-7 months (a total of 20 days either in person or online)
  • Online seminars between sessions

The program maintains a student-faculty ratio of 4 to 1 and assigns a faculty mentor to each student to ensure personalized support. Beyond theoretical knowledge, it also focuses on experiential learning, mentor coaching, and observation-based feedback.

The curriculum integrates:

  • Mindfulness-based practices
  • Gestalt psychology
  • Field theory
  • Wisdom traditions

The Gestalt Coaching Program stands out for its holistic and integrative approach to working with individuals and groups. It meets all ICF credentialing requirements for the ACTP track.

It teaches an approach to coaching based on a process model, emphasizing awareness, presence, spontaneity, and richness. Coaches are referred to as “awareness agents,” guiding clients to lasting change through heightened awareness. The program uniquely teaches coaching experientially, experimentally, and existentially. It fosters awareness, exploration, and self-discovery for the coach and the client.

How Much Does the Gestalt Coaching Program Cost?

There’s currently no public information available about the costs of the Gestalt Coaching program. You can contact Dorothy Siminovitch at to inquire about their current fees.

According to their website, the Gestalt Center accepts payment in USD via

  • Personal check,
  • Money order from a US bank,
  • Or credit card through PayPal (with an additional 5% administrative fee).

Scholarships and alternative payment plans need pre-approval from Chairpersons, and no refunds are issued after the program starts.

To give you an idea about what it costs to study at the Gestalt Center, their 5-day experiential workshop costs $2,300 (exclusive of taxes). To inquire about the exact fees for their flagship program, it’s best to contact their faculty directly.

Real Reviews from Coaches

Several coaching centers worldwide integrate the Gestalt method, so it can be confusing to differentiate which reviews belong to this particular one run by Dorothy Siminovitch. To help you in your research, we’ve gathered some honest feedback from past students about their flagship program or other coaching education events facilitated by Dorothy.

Please note that we haven’t taken this particular certification ourselves. If you’re looking for more detailed reviews from program participants, we suggest you contact the faculty to get referred to their graduates.

The Gestalt Coaching Program

Mustafa Orak, Leadership & Executive Coach, shared how the Gestalt Coaching Program helped him gain essential coaching skills and grow as a professional:


“I can’t imagine a better coaching program. This wonderful program helped me grow as a person and gain coaching skills. Being a member of a wonderful Gestalt family is a priceless privilege. I recommend it to anyone who cares about their personal development or wants to gain coaching skills.”

From his review, we can also see that the Gestalt Center fosters a sense of community for life-long personal and professional growth.

Other Workshops Held by Dorothy

Besides facilitating the Gestalt Coaching Program, Dorothy E. Siminovitch organizes regular workshops. These events don’t provide the same comprehensive curriculum and ICF credentials as the flagship program of the Gestalt Center. Still, they dive into specific parts of the methodology over a shorter period.

Here’s what coaches say who have taken some of Dorothy’s workshops:

“Thank you Dorothy E. Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC for facilitating such an amazing workshop on ‘Presence and Use of Self.’ It could not have come at a better time for my personal and professional development. Whether you’re a leader, coach, consultant, facilitator, or someone who is just plain invested in your development, Dorothy is something to make contact with. Also, check out the Gestalt Center for Coaching for which Dorothy is a co-founder and core faculty for a world-class Gestalt coaching training program.”

Ryan M. Lamberton, Leadership Coach

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“I was deeply moved by your workshop and the nurturing space you created, which allowed me to start exploring all aspects of my presence as a coach. The idea of “finding the self that becomes interesting and that serves others” really resonated with me. Thanks for such an enlightening time!”

Silvia Bottini, Executive Coach

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“I recommend this webinar to everyone interested in Gestalt Coaching. It is a snapshot into using the magic of the ‘now’ with presence as a Coach, and creating awareness and impact in a powerful way.”

Zeynep Evgin Eryilmaz, Founder of Inspiro Coaching & Training

Dorothy’s Published Work on the Gestalt Method

Besides her face-to-face training events, Dorothy has also left a mark on the coaching industry through her popular book Gestalt Coaching Primer. Here’s what readers say about her expertise:

“Dorothy Siminovitch is a renowned Gestalt coach, facilitator, and thinker. And part of what makes her so compelling is that she has written THE book on the subject.”


“As part of my training, we had to listen to several coaching sessions from various Master Certified Coaches (MCC). One of those sessions stuck out to me, as I was just blown away by the amount of transformation that the coach was able to guide the client through in just 30 minutes.

Naturally, I looked up the coach, who happened to be Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch. (…) I have had the great pleasure and honor to meet and spend time with Dorothy in person and I can say with certainty that this book is a true extension of Dorthy’s heart and years of practice and experience with Gestalt Coaching.”

Kaley Hixson

If you liked Dorothy’s book, the coaching philosophy and methodology of the Gestalt Center might resonate with you, too.


The coaching training program at the Gestalt Center can be a great investment for aspiring coaches seeking comprehensive training and an opportunity to apply for ICF credentials. The curriculum is rooted in the Gestalt approach and facilitated by some remarkable master coaches with vast experience.

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