Discover These 4 Accredited & Top-Rated NLP Coach Certification Providers

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a transformative coaching approach that allows you to create deeper and more sustainable transformations for your clients. With techniques like reframing, anchoring, and rapport-building, you can dismantle limiting beliefs your clients may have struggled with their entire lives.

But how do you become an NLP Life Coach?

Like most coaching specialties, your new career path starts with earning the right qualifications. Several NLP training programs are accredited by reputable organizations.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best-rated certification options in NLP, with a few student reviews to help you choose which one’s best for you.

What Is NLP?

NLP is a dynamic coaching approach that explores the relationships among the following:

  • Neurological processes (neuro);
  • Language (linguistic); and
  • Behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming)
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NLP offers a powerful toolkit for coaches to explore the intricacies of human perception and behavior. It gives you a deeper understanding of how language and thought patterns influence your clients’ actions and outcomes.

Using NLP techniques such as reframing, anchoring, and rapport-building in your practice can help your clients overcome limiting beliefs and act more clearly. It also lets you cultivate deeper connections with them and facilitate more sustainable transformations.

How Do I Become an NLP Life Coach? 

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There are several training programs offered by reputable institutions that can provide you with certification as an NLP coach. Some of them are certified by organizations such as:

  • The Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP);
  • The Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP);
  • The Society of NLP;

Other training programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

These programs typically range from introductory courses to more advanced levels, covering various aspects of NLP like listening, rapport-building, and reframing. Follow-up training programs often involve techniques like hypnotherapy, timeline therapy, or Mental and Emotional Release (MER) to broaden your coaching methodology.

You can either take these programs online or apply for an in-person cohort at the location closest to you. Some online training providers conduct interactive, live classes with peer-to-peer learning to offer you in-depth training without the need to travel to their facilities.

How Much Does an NLP Coaching Certification Program Cost?

It depends on the credibility of your training provider and whether the program is conducted in person.

You can find self-paced online courses with the basics of NLP for a few hundred dollars or less. However, these courses typically only include a bunch of pre-recorded videos you need to sit through without any interactive exercises or personal evaluation.

However, some reputable training providers offer introductory certification programs online for around $300 to $1000. These options involve live classes and breakout sessions where you can practice NLP techniques and ask questions from the facilitator. In-person programs don’t necessarily cost more (depending on the training provider), but you must cover your travel costs.

More comprehensive certification programs with multiple levels of training and certification can range from $1000 to $5000 or more.

Which NLP Certification Is Best? Reviews From Graduate Coaches

Here’s a mix of online and in-person training options to get certified as an NLP coach. These organizations offer various levels of training and are accredited by reputable organizations. 

Although we’ve not taken these courses ourselves, we’ve included reviews from graduate coaches highlighting their personal experiences at the training.

image 17 (also known as Empowerment Inc.) offers training in alternative and integrative approaches to psychology, human understanding, and personal growth. It’s been around for 40 years and is led by Master Trainer of NLP, Dr. Matt James.

Certifications at are held in person at various locations in the US and can be completed within a week. Their main programs include:

  • The Empowerment Breakthrough Training: The continuation of the advanced training that combines NLP with hypnosis and the mental and emotional release (MER) technique. It’s a one-week intensive program that costs $4200.

In addition to intensive training, offers a one-year-long comprehensive certification option for $19,995. The four modules of the Integrative NLP Coaching program focus on the following aspects of NLP:

  • Spiritual;
  • Mental
  • Emotional; and
  • Physical

Participants will attend a 5-day in-person workshop and work with three other students in their peer mastermind group throughout the year. Besides NLP’s scientific and spiritual aspects, the program also covers the business and marketing skills needed to run a thriving coaching practice.

Although program fees at are pretty steep, one of their graduates wrote in his Trustpilot review that the value for money he received was extremely high regarding training delivery and support.

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It’s unclear which training this student took; no more independent reviews are available online. However, has a page with several written and video testimonials highlighting various aspects of the certification.

Inspire 360

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Inspire 360 is a top-rated NLP training center based in the UK, founded by Ewan Mochrie and Joanne Binks. Their main programs are:

  • The NLP Coach Accreditation: A two-day training program with the prerequisite to complete the NLP Practitioner Certification for $950 plus taxes.

Inspire 360 only has 5-star reviews on Trustpilot (39 in total), although its average rating is marked 4.8. This is probably because Trustpilot alters the ratings of companies that actively ask their customers to write reviews instead of receiving them organically.

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Nevertheless, their graduates took the time to write highly detailed positive feedback about the trainers. The review page of Inspire 360 also lists several video testimonials highlighting their experience at the training.


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MindBridge offers a unique dual certification as an NLP Coach and Practitioner, accredited by the ICF and the ANLP. Jerry and Marilou Seavey hold the classes over several weekends and are available in person in Dubai or online.

These interactive sessions provide hands-on learning opportunities with plenty of demonstrations, supervised exercises, and personalized feedback. MindBridge also offers a variety of resources you can look back on after your training for better skill integration.

The course consists of 85 ICF-approved coach-specific training hours that can earn you Level 1 credentials. This is broken down into the following:

  • 69 hours of interactive training; and
  • 16 hours of reinforcement learning and practice groups

Tuition fees are currently $3,795 for the entire program.

Although there aren’t many reviews about MindBridge online, some of their past students shared positive feedback on their Facebook page.

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Besides the effective training delivery, they also highlight the long-term support from the facilitators to continue their education in NLP practices.


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The iNLP Center offers online training with a focus on practical application. Through experiential learning, you’ll apply your skills in real-world scenarios rather than just understanding theoretical concepts.

Their hybrid approach combines:

  • 170-240 hours of online lectures that you can complete at your own pace,
  • Unlimited live, interactive Zoom sessions led by seasoned NLP practitioners,
  • And peer-to-peer practice hours with other students you get matched with.

Completing the course earns you 24 coach core-competency hours accredited by the ICF that you can put toward your certification. You’ll also be certified by the International NLP Association.

The program costs:

  • $499 for the Basic NLP Practitioner Training,
  • $599 for the NLP Master Training,
  • And $799 for the combined program.

The iNLP center has a 4.9 combined average rating from 551 reviews submitted through Facebook and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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A recent graduate, Samuel, highlighted that the course involved the following:

  • A “global, knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate” faculty from Europe, Australia, South America, and North America
  • Unlimited live classes to fully understand concepts and see how they are applied in real coaching situations
  • Peers with impressive qualifications from top universities around the world to study with

Read our full review to learn more about the NLP Life Coach certification at iNLP.

Launch Your NLP Coaching Practice

There are several NLP coach certification options that you can take to start practicing this powerful methodology. Whether you prefer to study online or to attend immersive, in-person sessions, you can find an accredited training center with hands-on classes.
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