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All About Your Shop Page

Your shop page is a lovely list of all of your “active” packages. (It does not include any you’ve marked invite-only or paused.) Here’s an example.

It’s useful when you want clients to be able to choose their own offering from your services. Maybe you offer a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month engagement and you want them to be able to pick. Or maybe you offer different types of services. Send ‘em to your shop page and let ‘em decide!

BTW, you can add your logo to your shop page right here, and customize it to match your brand colors. 🌈

We suggest integrating your shop page into your website and social media profiles:

  • Link Paperbell to your site navigation under an “Offerings” or “My Services” link
  • Link to Paperbell from an Offerings/Services page on your site
  • Link to Paperbell in your social media profiles as an easy way for clients to book your services

🤢 When would you NOT want to use your shop page?

Sometimes you don’t want clients to have a poke around — you want to direct them to one specific package. In that case, you can send them to the landing page for that package.

If you never want clients to be able to see everything you offer, make all of your packages invite-only. Or you may want to put only your free discovery call on your shop page, and set everything else as invite-only.

(Invite-only just means you need to send someone the link in order for them to be able to find the page. It isn’t password-protected.)

🔗 Other Useful Links!
👉  Want to add images to your shop page? Here’s how.
👉  Want an overview of all of the settings/options on your shop page? Click here.

Shop Page FAQs

Yes! Your shop page URL will be automatically created as paperbell.me/your-name, but you can change it to paperbell.me/whatever-you-want, as long as someone else hasn’t gotten there first. 🙂

To edit your Shop URL, just go to your checkout settings.

I want my packages to display three-across on my shop page, how do I do that?

Your shop page automatically adjusts its layout based on the size of your browser window. On most laptops, a full-width or nearly full width browser will show three packages across, but if your browser, laptop or screen resolution size settings are different you may only see two across. (However, most of your clients will still see three across.)

How do I remove a package from my shop page?

Make the package status paused or invite-only.

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