Looking for a Replacement for Woven™?
Paperbell Is the Woven
Alternative for Coaches That Does so Much More than Just Scheduling

You need scheduling, but not JUST scheduling. Paperbell handles payments, contract signing, ongoing subscriptions, client management, and much more.

Why so Many Coaches Are Ridiculously in ❤️ with Paperbell


Get Paid

Checkout, scheduling, and contract signing are all included in one seamless process. No “zaps”, integrations, or workarounds necessary. Accept all credit cards via PayPal or Stripe (or create a payment account if you don’t yet have one). 


Get Scheduled

No more endless emails back and forth, no more time zone drama. Your client logs in and schedules themself based on your availability. They’ll automatically see your calendar in their own time zone, and it’s all fully integrated with Google Calendar. 


Track Sessions

No more hacked-together systems for figuring out how many sessions you have left with a client. You and your client can both see how many sessions you have left and when it’s time to purchase more. Plus, create client notes and questionnaires. 

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Stop Using a Scheduling Tool and Start Using a Run-my-whole Business Tool

You used Woven™ for scheduling, but you need a lot more than a calendar tool to run your coaching business. Paperbell lets you sell multi-session packages, subscriptions, group coaching and more. PLUS scheduling is fully integrated into your client onboarding process. 


Why Coaches are Making The Switch

You Need More than Just Scheduling

 Paperbell is the all-in-one business management tool just for coaches. Sign contracts, deliver digitial downloads, collect payments AND schedule. It’s all integrated into one beautiful experience for your clients.

You Charge for Your Appointments

Woven™ is just a standalone calendar tool, with no payment options whatsoever. Paperbell ties appointment scheduling into instalment plans, subscriptions, and more. That means your clients pay and schedule in one smooth flow. 

You ❤️ Indie, Woman-Owned Businesses

Unlike Woven™, Paperbell is a completely bootstrapped, independent business founded and owned by Laura Roeder (also the founder of MeetEdgar). We believe small businesses should support each other.

Woven vs Paperbell: Common Questions

Is Paperbell’s scheduling functionality as good as pure scheduling tools like Woven™?

Yes! We use the best practices taken directly from Google Calendar to ensure that you and your clients have an excellent scheduling experience. With Paperbell you can  create A/B schedules, create buffer times between appointments, and more.

Both you and your client will automatically see everything in your own local time zones. We can do everything that the  standalone scheduling tools can do, plus a whole lot more.

Can you coordinate between different time zones?

Yes, you tell us what time zone you’re in, and your client tells us what time zone they’re in. Paperbell automatically does scheduling in everyone’s local time zone

Can I use Paperbell for free sessions?

Yes, you’re in control! You create your own packages with any price and any number of sessions. 

Can I sync my existing calendar with Paperbell?

Yes! We integrate with Google Calendar to pull in your existing appointments and ensure that you’re never double-booked. Paperbell also sends a Google Calendar event to both you and your client.

Does Paperbell charge a payment processing fee?

No, we work with your existing Stripe or Paypal account and charge zero payment fees. (We charge only our normal monthly fee.) 

If you don’t yet have a payment account (meaning a way to take credit cards online) you can create one with just a few clicks inside Paperbell, via our special partnership with Stripe, the world’s leading online payment provider.

Do you integrate with Zoom?

Yes, you tell us your meeting URL from Zoom or any other video or conference call provider, and we automatically share the details on the Google Calendar invite for you and your client. 

Can my clients schedule themselves?

Yes! Your clients log in, see when you’re available, and pick them best time for them, all in their own local time zone. 

Free Account, No Credit Card Required

payment, contract, scheduling, & admin coaching software

There’s no time limit, and you’ll have access to every feature. That includes scheduling, checkout, digital downloads, contract signing, and more.

Your account is totally free and unlimited through your first client, however long that takes.  

* Free accounts are a limited time launch offer

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