How to Make ChatGPT Copywriting Work for Your Coaching Business

chatgpt copywriting

So you gave in to the AI craze and finally decided to give ChatGPT a chance to help with copywriting. You knew this day would come, but you’re still unsure of how not to end up with cringe-worthy copy and stop the AI bot from rambling on in a robotic tone (granted, it is its “nature”).

A human perspective on ChatGPT copywriting comes to the rescue.

After writing for over a decade and, more recently, testing out virtually all kinds of copywriting prompts in ChatGPT, I’ve put this practical guide together.

I’ll walk you through…

  • How you can make your ChatGPT copywriting prompts work for you
  • The risks of using AI-generated copy you shouldn’t ignore
  • and 50 copy-and-paste prompts you can start using right away

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Why Use ChatGPT for Copywriting?

Let’s be real. ChatGPT is unlikely to spit out a full-blown essay for you ready to publish.

But it can shatter writer’s block and save time at several stages of the copywriting process. For example, it can…

Help You Plan Campaigns

ChatGPT can create target audience profiles that inform your copy and break down your campaigns in a structured way.

image 35
image 36

Brainstorm Content Ideas

You can use the AI chatbot to churn out as many content ideas as you want. Sure, after a while, it becomes redundant. But by that time, you’ve probably refined your prompt and got a bit more clarity on what you need.

Ease Your Writing Process

ChatGPT can write blog outlines, email newsletters, subject lines, landing page hero sections, and so on. The more nuanced and specific you go with your prompts, the more likely that its response proves helpful.

Provide a Draft for Your Writing

You can get a rough draft for your long-form writing or generate variations for short-form copy to iterate from. Bullet points and comparison tables are usually more factual in nature anyway, so you can supplement your writing with some AI-generated definitions and summaries.

image 34

How to Get ChatGPT to Write Better Copy

As the AI language model evolves, this remains an ongoing question. Here are a few ways to get the current version of ChatGPT to give you responses you can actually use.

1. Teach It Your Tone of Voice

You can prompt ChatGPT to speak in a particular brand voice, show it specific examples to emulate, or ask it to imitate the style of a particular publication.

It’s not perfect, and its “casual” tone usually comes across as that tryhard uncle whose jokes you have to suffer through every Christmas. But you can always fool around with it to spark some new ideas.

image 33

If it’s not quite it, maybe you can use the prompt ‘Hit me baby one more time?’

On a more serious note:

image 32

It won’t go straight to print, but it’s a better start than staring at a blank page.

2. Define the Format

ChatGPT is great at imitating structured and templatized forms of writing that don’t require as much creativity. You can tell it to write an application letter for a certification program or write meta descriptions for your articles.

It can also suggest subject line or headline variations using a set of keywords, write your emails, or create drafts for a particular section of an article. It’s worth setting some limits to your prompts’ character or word count since it tends to go off on a tangent otherwise.

image 31

3. Refine Your Prompts

ChatGPT generates unique responses based on its training data and the info you feed it. If it doesn’t get the memo about your target audience or the keywords you want to use, it will give you generic responses. And in copywriting, generic means fluff that’s usually not too engaging or persuasive.

It’s worth developing a few specific prompts for your coaching brand that include…

  • Your target audience
  • Your brand identity as a coach
  • The format and word limit of the copy assets you need
  • The tonality you want to use
  • Any keywords you commonly use for brand communication

If ChatGPT misses the mark, you can also try asking it to regenerate its response or typing “continue” to have it expand on the same topic further.

The Risks of AI-Generated Content

Before you go on and put the copywriting prompts in this article to work, we need to mention what the AI bot can’t do, plus its ethical implications.

ChatGPT can sometimes…

Make mistakes

The copy generated by ChatGPT isn’t foolproof. Besides badly written content, it may have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Always proofread before you hit publish.

Share outdated information

ChatGPT doesn’t read real-time data from the internet, so it can only give you the info they fed it before September 2021. It won’t be able to tell you about recent regulations affecting coaching businesses or new medical discoveries in the health and wellness world.

State things that are inaccurate

AI tools can “hallucinate.” In other words, make things up that aren’t true. It doesn’t help that it conveys all information in the same authoritative voice.

Be biased

ChatGPT simply reiterates the training data it was fed — data that’s often biased. It doesn’t consider factual inconsistencies or the larger context. It just tries to predict the strings of words that best match your query.

Have Copyright Implications

Several companies experimenting with AI tools are being sued as we speak for training their bot on copyright information. ChatGPT is an unreliable reporter whose claims and sources must be checked meticulously.

3 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT for Copywriting

Besides generating texts, there are some other creative uses of ChatGPT that you can try out for your coaching brand.

Create a transcript summary

If you want to repurpose audio or video content into written form, you can ask ChatGPT to create a summary of the audio transcript. Remember, ChatGPT isn’t fool-proof, so you will still need to fact-check it.

Create integrations

ChatGPT can create a task for you in Airtable, Todoist, or Asana. It can also drop the drafts it writes for you in a Google doc with Zapier.

Test out writing frameworks

You can tell ChatGPT to write copy following a particular writing framework like AIDA, PAS, or 4Ps. You can also create prompts with your own framework based on your brand’s communication style.

50 ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts for Coaches

Try these ChatGPT prompts for copywriting to make your next campaign flow easier. Then, refine them with more relevant information to get responses tailored to your coaching brand.

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Planning Campaigns and Creating Copywriting Briefs

  1. Create a comprehensive campaign plan for promoting a coaching program on work-life balance, emphasizing keywords like ‘stress reduction’ and ‘productivity
  2. Develop a copywriting brief for a social media campaign targeting young professionals, ensuring alignment with the brand identity of modernity, positivity, and personal growth
  3. Brainstorm keywords for a campaign promoting a coaching webinar on effective leadership communication, focusing on terms like ‘leadership skills’ and ‘team collaboration’
  4. Craft a comprehensive campaign plan for marketing a coaching event for entrepreneurs, incorporating the AIDA framework and tailoring content for a high-energy, action-oriented audience
  5. Define key attributes of a strong health coaching brand identity, including values, mission, and unique selling points that set you apart in the market
  6. Identify a target audience profile by creating detailed personas, considering demographics, psychographics, and pain points relevant to coaching services
  7. Break down my coaching brand voice, describing it in three adjectives, ensuring consistency in tone across all communication channels
  8. Identify the preferred communication channels of people who are switching careers in their 40s
  9. List some specific goals and outcomes that adoption coaching services aim to achieve for clients
  10. List top brands in the relationship coaching niche and break down the strategies they use for brand positioning (note that this will not provide you with real-time data)

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Brainstorming and Generating Content Ideas

  1. Provide five tips for coaches to effectively communicate with clients during challenging situations, emphasizing empathy and understanding
  2. Brainstorm content ideas for a blog series on building resilience, emphasizing practical tips, and real-life stories
  3. Generate campaign concepts for promoting a coaching workshop on effective communication in leadership, focusing on visual elements and engaging captions
  4. Explore webinar topics related to stress management for a monthly series, covering topics such as mindfulness techniques, time management, and work-life balance strategies
  5. Brainstorm social media post ideas for a week-long campaign centered around goal-setting, incorporating daily challenges, inspirational quotes, and client success stories
  6. Generate content ideas for an email series introducing a new coaching program, highlighting unique features, testimonials, and a limited-time offer
  7. Explore podcast episode topics for a coaching series on personal development, covering themes like self-discovery, mindset shifts, and overcoming obstacles
  8. Brainstorm campaign concepts for promoting a coaching eBook on emotional intelligence, integrating teaser videos, interactive quizzes, and influencer collaborations
  9. Explore topics for a video series addressing common challenges in remote work, providing practical solutions, expert interviews, and interactive elements
  10. Generate content ideas for a LinkedIn series focused on career advancement, incorporating industry insights, expert interviews, and success stories from clients

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Generating Content Outlines

  1. Create a YouTube video outline for a coaching session on goal-setting, incorporating real-life examples and actionable steps.
  2. Provide a workshop agenda outline for a coaching session on effective communication skills, covering verbal and non-verbal cues
  3. Generate an outline for a coaching session addressing work-life balance, covering self-assessment, goal setting, and practical strategies for improvement
  4. Develop an outline for a five-day online course on mindfulness and stress reduction, outlining daily topics, activities, and recommended resources
  5. Provide an outline for a coaching webinar on effective communication in leadership, covering listening skills, conflict resolution, and building rapport
  6. Craft an outline for a coaching program on emotional intelligence, covering self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, and relationship management
  7. Develop a comprehensive outline for an article on time management strategies for busy professionals, covering prioritization, productivity tools, and work-life balance
  8. Create an engaging outline for a keynote speech on the future of work, covering topics such as remote collaboration, adaptability, and the role of leadership in navigating uncertainty
  9. Develop a nurturing email sequence outline for onboarding new coaching clients, incorporating welcome emails, goal-setting sessions, and progress check-ins.”
  10. Craft a monthly social media calendar outline for a coaching business, incorporating themed content weeks, engagement posts, and promotional announcements

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Generating Copy Drafts

  1. Generate three engaging LinkedIn post captions for a coaching post focused on overcoming self-doubt and building confidence
  2. Craft a blog introduction discussing the importance of setting boundaries for self-care and personal growth
  3. Develop a 30-second elevator pitch for a coaching workshop on time management and productivity
  4. Generate three email subject lines for a coaching newsletter highlighting the benefits of mindfulness for stress reduction
  5. Write a podcast script introduction for an episode discussing imposter syndrome and strategies to overcome it
  6. Craft a tweet promoting a coaching webinar on fostering resilience in times of change, emphasizing practical tools and insights
  7. Develop a one-paragraph Instagram caption for a coaching infographic about the impact of positive affirmations on mindset
  8. Craft a compelling headline for a coaching blog post on conquering self-doubt, emphasizing empowerment and resilience
  9. “Craft a meta description for a coaching webinar on stress management, showcasing expert insights and actionable strategies for a balanced life
  10. Generate a strong call to action for a coaching email series on career development, urging recipients to subscribe for weekly insights and success strategies

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Client Communication

  1. Craft a follow-up email for clients after a coaching session, expressing gratitude, summarizing key takeaways, and outlining action steps
  2. Compose a text message for a chat app reminding clients about upcoming coaching appointments, including date, time, and any pre-session preparation
  3. Create an email template sent to coaching clients addressing changes to session scheduling due to upcoming holidays
  4. Write an engaging newsletter for group coaching clients, sharing recent success stories from the group
  5. Craft a progress update email for clients, summarizing achievements, acknowledging challenges, and reinforcing the coaching journey’s positive direction
  6. Write a thoughtful birthday or milestone celebration message for clients, expressing appreciation and encouragement
  7. Develop a personalized onboarding email for new clients, sharing the link to my Paperbell landing page where they can complete the sign-up process and access the resources included in their coaching package
  8. Compose an email requesting client feedback on their coaching experience, encouraging honest insights and suggestions for improvement
  9. Create posts I can share with my group coaching clients in their dedicated Facebook group to foster a sense of community and encourage discussions around single parenting
  10. Write an email inviting coaching clients to my referral program, where they can get 10% OFF all my packages for each successful client referral

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By Annamaria Nagy
Annamaria Nagy is a Brand Identity Coach and Copywriter. She's been writing for over 10 years about topics like personal development, coaching, and business. She was previously the Head of SEO at the leading transformational education company, Mindvalley.
December 25, 2023

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