Leverage Limited-Time Offers for Coaching Success

limited time offer

When you’re online shopping and a pop-up flashes across your screen with a bright, irresistible design, sharing “Limited-Time Sale: 50% Off” with a countdown timer flashing in front of your eyes.

You weren’t planning to buy anything, but it’s a great deal! You look at the countdown timer, and your heart races. You click ‘buy’.

Welcome to the world of limited-time offers—a thrilling and effective strategy.

But what exactly are these time-sensitive deals? How can they help increase sales in your coaching business?

In this read, you’ll discover everything about limited-time offers:

  • What is a limited-time offer
  • Why consider limited-time offers for your coaching products?
  • Limited-time offer examples you can use for your own coaching business
  • Creating a limited-time offer with Paperbell (we make it really easy)
  • Best times of year to sell a limited-time offer
  • And copywriting tips to sell your limited-time offer

There’s a lot of juicy details coming your way on this one. Can’t wait to see the sales flow once you use some of these tips.

What Is a Limited-time Offer? 

Short-term sales are what limited-time offers are all about. You offer a special deal that expires after a certain time period to encourage potential clients to act quickly. It can last anywhere from just a few hours 

This technique leverages human psychology and FOMO (fear of missing out) to cultivate a sense of urgency that can boost sales. 

FOMO, you ask? 

It’s that uneasy feeling when we think we’re about to miss out on something big – like an amazing bargain. So people are more likely to act fast and buy now rather than later. 

Check out this example from Emily Hirsh, a marketer and business coach for entrepreneurs: 

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Do you see the FOMO she’s creating? She:

  • Shares that they haven’t discounted anything all year – and won’t for a while.
  • Awards the deal to a limited number of buyers.
  • Adds $2,000 worth of bonus services.
  • Throws in a mini-bonus for those who don’t snag the deal.

Pretty persuasive, right?

The features of a limited-time offer:

  • Exclusivity: Such offers make your clients feel special because they get access to something not everyone can have. Who doesn’t love being part of an exclusive club? If you want to cast a wider net, you can also do email list exclusives for those you’ve been nurturing but haven’t bought yet.
  • Ticking Clock: Time-sensitive deals create urgency. As time runs out, our desire intensifies.
  • Rewards loyalty: Limited offers often reward loyal customers – those who follow your brand closely enough will reap the benefits first.
  • Powerful offer: Even if it’s a limited-time offer, it still needs to be powerful. What is the ultimate transformation your ideal client is looking for? Make sure that shines through in your offer.

Many coaches question if a limited-time offer will lose sales because people won’t be ready to buy. But it’s been proven time and time again that the opposite happens. 

In fact, a survey by RetailMeNot found that ⅔ of consumers have made an unexpected purchase because they got a deal, and an impressive 80% have bought something for the first time because they got a discount.

Why Consider Limited-Time Offers For Your Coaching Products?

limited time offers

Limited-time offers aren’t just for ecommerce businesses. 

If you’re a coach looking to fill your client roster and boost sales, limited-time offers with an irresistible bonus or discount will encourage prospects to invest in your services for the first time or have repeat clients signing up for more. It’s also a great way to test out your “sweet spot” pricing.

Here’s why:

1. The power of scarcity

Scarcity triggers action. It’s why Dr. Robert Cialdini, a psychologist and best-selling author, coined “The Scarcity Principle” as one of the six main principles of persuasion in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. He explains psychological triggers and how wanting what is less available is human nature. Making an offer time-sensitive adds an element of scarcity that makes it irresistible.

2. Cultivate urgency and decision-making

Limited-time offers help create urgency. This prompts potential clients to make quicker decisions instead of postponing them indefinitely.

Think about it. How often have you purchased a course or hired a coach of your own because they were offering a discount or limited-time offer? At least a few, right? 

Use your own personal experiences to cultivate a limited-time offer that feels good for you.

Some of the biggest coaches in the game use this tactic. Like this limited-time offer from Amy Porterfield, sharing that her book for new entrepreneurs was only $3.99, but for ONE DAY ONLY. 

image 4

3. A great tool for first-time client acquisition

New client acquisition becomes smoother with these enticing deals as they serve as low-risk entry points into your coaching program. Limited edition products or services often feel special, attracting more attention than regular ones.

There’s a lot of economic uncertainty out there today, and coaching is an investment. It means more and more people are waiting to purchase things they desire. 

In fact, one-third of Gen Z and Millenial buyers have reported waiting to buy because they wanted a deal. Some of your lurking prospects may just be looking for a time to pull the trigger with a deal.

4. A great launch tool

If you’ve got a new coaching package on the horizon, introducing it through a limited-time offer can give it the kickstart needed for its success. Sales promotions are proven ways to increase the visibility and uptake of new offerings.

Limited-Time Offer Examples

Let’s dive into limited-time offer examples. Each example illustrates a different approach, showing the variety and creativity you can bring to your own coaching offerings.

1. Early bird special

An early bird special rewards those who commit quickly to your offer. It’s like obtaining the best seats at a show because you were fast enough to get them when tickets became available.

This strategy creates urgency by offering discounted rates or extra perks for those who sign up within a certain timeframe. For instance, if you’re launching a new group coaching program, you might give an additional one-on-one session for free to clients who enroll in the first 48 hours.

2. Flash sales

Flash sales are a great way to create limited-time offers because they’re short-lived but high-impact. Picture it as lightning – sudden, intense, and memorable. You drastically cut prices for an extremely limited period — perhaps just hours.

The flash sale technique relies heavily on scarcity; potential clients are motivated by fear of missing out (FOMO). Get that countdown timer rolling.

3. VIP upgrades

If you have a group program, you can offer a VIP track. But to truly blow it out of the water, give it a deadline. It can be 48 hours only after the client signs up or expires a week before the program starts. 

4. Bundled coaching packages

Think of this as getting more bang for your buck. Bundling services together gives clients perceived value while allowing them greater access to your range of expertise.

You could bundle multiple sessions or various types of coaching into one package available only during a specific time frame. For example: “Buy five life-coaching sessions and get two career guidance calls free – valid until end-of-month.” 

This strategy encourages commitment from prospective clients and boosts client retention since they’re likely to stay longer due to their larger initial investment.

5. Collaborative bundles

Go in with other coaches and create a limited-time-only bundle. A great example of this is Elizabeth Goddard’s annual Christmastime sale. 

This year, for Lizzy’s Christmas Party® she recruited support from other entrepreneurs who offered their courses. So all courses are free, or you can pay for a premium bundle chock full of goodies.

image 3

So not only does she win, but everyone who bundled with her then gets email addresses. So, collaborate with other coaches who may complement your niche!

Also, peep the great countdown timer. Countdown timers are the best way to create urgency without coming up with the words to do so! 

6. Early bird pricing

Offer a discounted rate for clients who commit to a coaching package within a specific timeframe before the official start date.

7. Limited-time workshops

Host a short-term workshop or webinar series on a specific topic, providing valuable insights and coaching expertise at a reduced cost.

8. Anniversary specials or birthday deals

Celebrate your coaching business anniversary by offering a special promotion to clients who sign up during the anniversary month.

Or you can offer free shipping on your recent daily planner because you have limited quantities left and want to create a new one for your new year in business! It’s good to leverage limited inventory sales if you are a coach with physical products like a planner, journal, supplements, etc.

9. Goal-setting package

Develop a limited-time deal focused specifically on goal-setting, helping clients kickstart their journey toward achieving their objectives.

10. VIP day intensives

Offer an exclusive VIP day of intensive coaching sessions at a discounted rate for clients who book within a certain timeframe.

11. Renewal incentives

Provide a discount or additional session for clients who renew or extend their coaching commitment, but make it a time-limited offer.

12. Flash challenges

Introduce short-term challenges related to personal or professional development, offering coaching as a reward or incentive for successful participation.

13. Discount code

You can give current or new clients limited-period offers by creating a unique discount code. 

Use it as a perk to sweeten the pot and get them to sign on the dotted line with a spicy percentage discount. Especially effective if it’s a client’s first purchase of your services.

14. Deal pop-ups 

You want to create that sense of urgency with website visitors, too. While this is trickier for online businesses that focus on coaching, put together a template kit or an e-book that you can offer as a limited-time deal. 

With this, you can even get first-time visitors to buy if the price is low enough.

Creating a Limited-Time Offer with Paperbell

Paperbell is not just a platform for managing your coaching business; it’s also a powerhouse tool to help you launch limited-time offers. You can set up your products and offers super easily. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Step #1: Head over to your dashboard’s ‘Packages’ section. Click ‘Create New’.
image 2
  1. Step #2: Choose whether this product will be a single or multiple session, then enter all necessary details like name, price, etc. Make sure to mention the expiration date and sale period so they know this is a time-limited offer.
  2. Step #3: Add dates for availability according to how long you want the offer available.
image 1

A Few Extra Tips When Setting Up

  • If possible, use numbers in naming (e.g., “30% Off Five-Session Package”) as they grab attention quickly.
  • Connection with significant events or holidays can make more sense than random promotions.

Note: If these steps sound confusing at first glance, don’t worry. The intuitive design of Paperbell’s interface makes navigating through these steps easy, peasy lemon squeezy.

Spreading the Word About Your Limited-Time Offer

Once you’ve got your limited-time offer set up in Paperbell, it’s time to let everyone know about it.

  1. Step #1: Send a broadcast email to your subscribers using catchy subject lines that create urgency and curiosity.
  2. Step #2: Have your social media primed and ready to promote your limited-time deals. Stories, Reels, DMs – go at it with everything. 
  3. Step #3: Leverage personal connection. Reach out directly to anyone who’s recently clicked on something related to your time-limited offers. Connect with current clients who may be interested in upgrading. 

You need to use your full digital marketing suite to promote limited-time offers and drive more visitors to those landing pages to click ‘buy.’ 

Best Times of the Year to Provide a Limited-Time Offer

While there’s no “bad time” to create a limited-time offer, there are certain times of the year when people are looking for deals. 

1. The end-of-year holiday season

Everyone is looking for deals during the holiday season. If you’re like many, your inbox starts flooding with Black Friday deals starting on November 1st now. It’s not the short period it once was. Now, it really spans the entire month through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Travel Tuesday, and Small Business Saturday. 

Black Friday spending just online in 2023 was $9.8 billion. That’s great news for all online businesses, as the holiday isn’t just a brick-and-mortar attraction now.

2. The start of each new season

Here are a few examples of what type of limited-time offer could correlate with a specific time of year: 

  • New Year/ January: Many people set new goals and resolutions for the year ahead, making January an ideal time for coaches to offer packages focused on personal and professional development. It is a great time to attract your target audience to buy for the first time.
  • Spring Renewal/March-April: Spring is often associated with renewal and growth. Offering coaching packages during this time can align with the theme of rejuvenation and fresh starts.
  • Business Planning/Q4: For coaches who specialize in business or career coaching, the end of the fiscal year or Q4 can be a strategic time to offer services related to goal-setting, planning, and professional development.

Seasonal sales, especially seasonal product promos that include your entire course suite, can be so powerful! And if you do them annually, your clients know what to expect, which can drive recurring revenue.

Copywriting Tips for Selling Your Time-Sensitive Offer

Crafting compelling copy is crucial when promoting a limited-time offer. You want to create that sense of urgency but you also want to focus on the fact that it’s not just about the limited time sale it’s about the transformation they’ll receive.

Here are some copywriting tips to help you effectively sell your coaching services during a limited-time promotion:

1. Create that sense of urgency

Use time-sensitive language to convey urgency, such as “limited time,” “act now,” or “offer expires on [specific date].” Encourage your audience to take immediate action to seize the opportunity.

2. Highlight value

Clearly communicate the benefits and value of your coaching services. Explain how your offer addresses specific pain points, fulfills desires or helps clients achieve their goals.

3. Use persuasive headlines and subject lines

Craft attention-grabbing headlines that highlight the most significant benefit or outcome of your coaching services. Make it clear why your limited-time offer is worth their attention.

Here are a few email subject lines living in our inbox right now that clearly have a limited-time offer attached: 

  • 300+ digital products for $0 [LAST DAY]
  • Disappearing tonight…
  • Flash Sale Announced (HINT: SLAY UR COPY)
  • ⏰3 hours left⏰ the 22 emails that got 2,200 people to sign up
  • Final call: Sale ends tonight + a FREE gift inside ✨
  • Best Deal Of The Year Ends Today ⌛
  • 80% off this POWERFUL tool for your money mindset (limited-time offer)

Use these as inspiration for your own limited-time offer! Or search your own inbox. All the ecommerce businesses you’ve given your email over the years will actually be able to help you out now. While lots of coaches use this tactic, it’s woven into the fabric of marketing for ecommerce businesses, so that’s a good place to start searching for ideas.

4. Focus on the transformation

Paint a vivid picture of the transformation clients can expect through your coaching. Use storytelling to illustrate the journey from challenges to success, emphasizing the positive changes they can experience.

5. Emphasize exclusivity

Highlight the exclusivity of the offer to make potential clients feel special. Use phrases like “exclusive deal,” “limited spots available,” or “reserved for the first [number] clients.”

6.Incorporate social proof

Showcase testimonials or success stories from previous clients to build trust and credibility. 

Demonstrating real-life results can significantly influence potential clients to take advantage of your limited-time offer.

7. Add a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Clearly instruct your audience on what action to take. 

Use a strong and specific call-to-action that guides them to sign up, schedule a consultation, or take the next step in securing the limited-time offer.

8. Highlight the savings

If your offer includes a discount or special pricing, clearly communicate the savings. 

Use the original price as a reference point to emphasize the value clients receive during the promotional period.

9. Address potential objections

Anticipate and address common objections your audience might have. Whether it’s concerns about time commitment, cost, or effectiveness, preemptively provide reassuring information in your copy.

10. Use power words

Incorporate persuasive and emotional words that evoke a strong response. Words like “transform,” “unleash,” “achieve,” and “empower” can convey a sense of impact and significance.

This great resource has over 300 power words you can use. Bookmark it!

11. Mobile optimization

Ensure your copy is optimized for mobile devices. Many users access information on their smartphones, so concise, easily scannable text is essential for capturing attention. This goes for your entire site, especially your landing page linked in the emails.

To create extra urgency without needing a ton of copy, you can add countdown timers.

12. Explicitly outline what to expect

Clearly outline what clients can expect from your coaching services and how they will benefit. Make them feel confident that they are making a wise investment in their personal or professional growth. 

Especially for those clients who are making a first-time purchase, they want to feel confident in the support they’re receiving. 

Remember to tailor your copy to resonate with your specific audience and consistently reinforce the unique value proposition of your coaching services throughout the promotional materials.

Limited-Time Offers Have the Potential to Transform Your Coaching Business

They’re not just sales tactics. They’re strategies that tap into the human desire for exclusivity and urgency and inspire clients to act fast.

Use the wealth of limited-time offer examples in this post and get to work! Your job is to pick what fits best with your brand and audience to make more sales and generate huge interest.

Paperbell makes creating these special promotions easier than ever before, so you don’t need any technical skills or spend countless hours setting it up yourself.

In short: Limited time offers are incredible tools to drive sales and engage your target audience. Use them wisely!Need help streamlining the admin side of your coaching business? With Paperbell, running a coaching business online has never been easier! Try it for yourself by claiming your free account.

limited time offer

By Charlene Boutin
Charlene is an email marketing and content strategy coach for small business owners and freelancers. Over the past 5 years, she has helped and coached 50+ small business owners to increase their traffic with blog content and grow their email subscribers.
January 3, 2024

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