19 Health Coach Website Templates + 6 Real-Life Examples

Creating your own website would have been a tall order 10 years ago. Thankfully, that’s all changed. Website builder functionality has become intuitive on platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, ShowIt, and Wix. The possibilities for websites now seem endless.

But that doesn’t mean you can create a beautiful website with easy navigation from scratch. That requires time and a level of skill, which takes countless hours to learn. Hours you should spend growing your business and servicing clients. 

Let’s talk facts: your time and money are precious. How you spend both matters.

That’s where health coach website templates and themes come in. They are the perfect solution to featuring your services without picking up web development or hiring a professional designer.

To save you the research, we’ve done the digging and gathered 19 beautiful themes and templates from WordPress, Showit, Squarespace, and Wix. We also have a few tips on choosing the right template for your business and some real-life examples of health coaching websites you may love.

The Best DIY Website Templates and Themes for Health Coaches

The four most popular platforms out there for health coaches are WordPress, Squarespace, Showit, and Wix. If you have no idea what the difference is between these different website builders, this guide by Ember & Co. is a fantastic resource worth reading up on.

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Now, let’s see those stunning templates.

5 Easy Website Themes on WordPress

Though WordPress requires some web development skills, its user-friendly themes make the learning curve faster. Here are a few health coach themes you may like.

Fitness Coach by Divi

1. Fitness Coach by Divi

This fitness coach template by Divi transforms WordPress into an intuitive website builder. You can easily customize or mix and match this template with any layout in the Divi library.

For $89 a year, you get access to over 100 templates. It’s ideal if you are cost-sharing with fellow coaches or you run multiple websites. 

Tribe Coaching & Online Course by The Design Space

2. Tribe Coaching and Online Course by The Design Space

This template is actually a child theme of Divi, so you’ll need to purchase Divi before you can use this theme. But it is well worth the additional cost.

The Design Space is a leader in the world of web design. This template is ideal if you want to sell an online course.

Nutrie by RockThemes

3. Nutrie by RockThemes at Template Monster

Like Divi, Nutrie is built to give you drag-and-drop builder functionality. It’s a robust theme designed for health and wellness coaches offering various services.

From fitness, nutrition, individual coaching, group coaching, and retreats, this template allows you to lay out a range of services.

Rosaleen by ThemeRex

4. Rosaleen by ThemeRex

Rosaleen is a child theme of Elementor, another drag-and-drop WordPress theme similar to Divi. We love this tropical child theme and its various customization options. Rosaleen has three different homepage designs and several different blog layouts you can choose from. 

Health Coach by VW Themes

5. Health Coach by VW Themes

This free health coach theme has five-star reviews and a bold design that is fully responsive across devices. We love the clear call to action and how services are highlighted below the hero image. 

4 Top Health Coach Website Templates for Squarespace

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop builder that makes setting up your website easy. You can start with one of Squarespace’s own templates, create something from scratch, or purchase a template created by one of the many talented website designers featured in this list. 

The Club Collective by GoLiveHQ

1. The Club Collective by GoLiveHQ

If you’re a health coach selling online courses or membership, this Squarespace template is a great choice. The design is modern and warm and can be easily customized within the website builder. The template also includes a tutorial on how to use Squarespace for e-commerce.

Rose by GoLiveHQ

2. Rose by GoLiveHQ

This is a fresh, lively, and modern website design that screams energy. The template was designed to showcase services, products, and courses. Everything can be customized without coding, so the sky is truly the limit on what you can do to make this template your own.

Awaken by Wellsites

3. Awaken by Wellsites

Wellsites creates templates specifically for those in the health and wellness industry; that expertise shines through on this one. Awaken is a health coach template that beautifully highlights your services, blog, and products.

Renew by Wellsites

4. Renew by Wellsites

This is another great website template for health coaches by Wellsites. We love how calm and reassuring the aesthetic is. This is another simple template without all the fluff—perfect for launching quickly.

6 Best Showit Website Templates for Health Coaches

Showit originally gained popularity among photographers, but it is easy to see why this website builder is making waves in other industries. It pairs with WordPress blogging functionality and has fast load times for image-heavy pages. You can find Showit’s free template catalog here

Sylvie by Lovely Impact

1. Sylvie by Lovey Impact

Lovely Impact designs website templates specifically for coaches, so they really know their stuff. Sylvie is one of their templates made with health coaches in mind, and it is a beauty.

It includes 16 web page designs, plus has the perks of a checklist, copywriting guide, and imagery guide. Lovely Impact also includes video tutorials on how to customize everything in Showit to match your brand.

Alicia by Lovely Impact

2. Alicia by Lovey Impact

If you are a health coach focused on weight loss, this is a great template. Lovely Impact lives and breathes coaching and is passionate about the industry, so you are in safe hands. Alicia has 16 webpage designs and includes the same perks as the Sylvie template.

Jena by Elizabeth Mccravy

3. Jena by Elizabeth Mccravy

This template has 14-page designs covering everything you’ll need for your health coach business. We love how fun and bold each page is. We also see endless possibilities to make the template your own, thanks to how easy it is to customize a Showit website.

The template purchase includes free training videos on using Showit, as well as lifetime support should you ever have an issue.

Olivia Hudson by Jessica Gingrich

4. Olivia Hudson by Jessica Gingrich

Jessica Gingrich shares examples of client websites, so you can see how a few changes can make a page unique and customized. Everything is very straightforward with Jessica, and this template is no exception. The website navigation is simple, and the design is uncluttered.

4 Wix Health Coach Website Templates

Wix is one of the easiest website builders and is often the first choice for coaches just starting. However, three big sticking points are worth mentioning:

  1. You are stuck with the theme you choose once you hit publish,
  2. You have to use Wix for hosting, and
  3. Moving blog posts (should you leave) is a manual process.

That said, Wix has a treasure trove of health and wellness templates. These templates are free and will help you launch with ease.

Tory Gainz by Wix Pro Themes

1. Tory Gainz by Wix Pro Themes

This Wix template does a great job of laying out services for a holistic health coach in weight loss, nutrition, and meditation.

Welcome to the Desert by Tiny Pine Creative

2. Welcome to the Desert by Tiny Pine Creative

This is a template that works great for any online coach. Our favorite part of it is its simplicity. There is no over-complicated navigation, and services are spelled out. It’s also great for featuring a free offer.

Health & Wellness Consultant by Wix

3. Health and Wellness Consultant by Wix

This is one of Wix’s very own templates, and it’s free to use. We love this template’s fresh and professional design and the large, fixed menu. The stylish ability to add a special offer that scrolls along with you is brilliant!

Lianna Rose by Wix Pro Themes

4. Lianna Rose by Wix Pro Themes

Looking to start a podcast? This is the perfect theme for a holistic health coach looking to build their personal brand.

The homepage is all about creating a connection. An introduction to who you are, why you do what you do, and what you believe are the first things your audience will see if you pick this template. 

7 Things to Look for in a Health Coach Website Template or Theme

Even with a template, making your website is a big time commitment. To help launch your website without any major hiccups, here are our seven top tips when using a template.

1. Adaptability

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: Moving your website from one builder to another is time-consuming. Switching templates and themes are much easier than builders, so choose wisely.

If you haven’t already, check out this blog post by Ember & Co. The post covers everything you need to understand the key differences between Squarespace, Showit, and WordPress. 

2. Customization

Websites are easy to break, even if you know how to code. It’s much easier to use a ready-made template to make your own.

For changing layouts, fonts, and colors, you need that flexibility. All these visual elements contribute to your brand and how clients perceive you.

3. Updates

Unlike paid themes and templates, free ones usually need maintenance. But that doesn’t mean all paid templates have unlimited support. Many expire after a year.

What does that mean for you? Ultimately, no new functionality or protection against security threats. Updating your website builder could break your website, so always look through the product terms to understand possible future costs.

4. Visual Appeal

A template might look stunning at first glance but clumsy once you change a few details.

Make sure you pick one where the layout fits your vision for the most part and doesn’t need much restructuring. Consider whether it would still fit like a glove if you change the images to your own photography on it.

5. Page Speed

You need a fast-loading website. More than half of your visitors will bounce back to Google if it takes three seconds or longer to load your homepage. So, a slow-loading template on a demo site spells trouble.

There are also things you can do to ensure you don’t destroy what was once a fast website. For example, you can:

To check and improve your page speed, you can use Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom

6. Mobile Responsiveness 

Mobile-friendly websites are a necessity. Double-check what the demo versions of these themes and templates look like on your phone before purchasing.

7. Navigation

If you have any issues navigating the demo version of a template, so will your visitors. A seamless experience is key to the success of your business, and that starts with your website.

At Paperbell, we’re really passionate about this. That’s why our client-management tool is designed to take care of scheduling, payments, contracts, and much more.

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6 Inspiring Examples of Real-Life Health Coach Websites

Now that you’ve got some great template options, you may wonder what content you should put on your page.

Here are six health coaches with beautiful websites to inspire you.

Elizabeth Rider

1. Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth is a health coach, author, mentor, and blogging guru. Not only is her blog content a great source of inspiration, but so is how she conveys herself and her business.

Her hero image copy is a call to action for healthy recipes and everything else she offers. Everyone who cooks asks themselves what they will make for dinner, so this is a great way to get visitors on her email list and start building a relationship with them.

Simply Defined Fitness

2. Simply Defined Fitness

Angel is the dynamic coach behind Simply Defined. She’s a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, and wellness coach, and her personality shines through her website.

Kirstin Webster

3. Kirstin Webster

Kirstin has a background in mental health, mindfulness, and health coaching. Her website does a brilliant job of highlighting her expertise and her ability to tailor her coaching to your needs. The subtle feminine details and brand colors speak to women, her core target audience. 

Julie Ledbetter

4. Julie Ledbetter

Julie’s website is simple but creates impact. We love how her graphics and images are layered and her happy choice of colors that scream joy.

If you need inspiration for an About Page, hers is a great example of being relatable and understanding her clients’ body image struggles. 

Lauren Bongiorno

5. Lauren Bongiorno

Lauren has a captivating hero section that makes it clear what specific niche she works with.

This helps her qualify her audience and later offer them a relevant lead magnet. If you have a specific niche, such as Type 1 Diabetes health coaching, this is a great website for inspiration.

Julia Balto

6. Julia Balto

Julia addresses a common challenge of her clients in her header and invites them to a clarity call. She’s unapologetically herself in her words and imagery, which connects well with her audience.

Go Create Some Magic

Now, you’ve got the templates, tips, and ideas to create your dream website. If you need extra help structuring your site or your packages, check out our free template pack for coaches.

And to make sure the rest of your business runs smoothly in the background, try Paperbell.

It’s an all-in-one client-management tool designed for coaches to automate their contracts, bookings, payments, and much more.

Try Paperbell for free with your first client.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2021 and has since been updated for accuracy.

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April 14, 2024

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