10 Absolutely Captivating Life Coaching Websites (Plus, Templates!)

You became a life coach because you want to help others unlock their true potential and reach goals. A great website is key to helping you achieve this very goal for yourself. It will increase traffic to help you grow your business, but more importantly, it will build trust.

How The Top Life Coaching Websites Attract More Clients

An effective website can help you get more coaching clients by doing these five things:

  1. Make it easier for people to find you 
  2. Grab their attention 
  3. Establish trust 
  4. Sell your target audience on your services
  5. Enable prospects to buy or get in touch (we suggest integrating Paperbell, of course!)

To help you understand how this is done let’s explore: 

  • Great life coach website examples you can pull inspiration from
  • Top tips to create your own life coach website
  • The best coaching website templates and builders
  • How to take your coaching business to the next level

The Best Life Coaching Websites You Can Pull Inspiration From

To get inspiration on what’s possible for your own life coach website, we’ve searched the internet for 10 great examples. You’ll see a common theme with these websites. They all have engaging images, strong branding, easy navigation, and are well written.

Preston Smiles

1. Preston Smiles

What you can learn from this life coach website:
Preston Smiles does two things really well: he creates a personal connection and establishes credibility early on. He does this by using branded images of himself, having an “as seen in” section and bio that are all strategically placed early on in the homepage design. 

Cortney Mcdermott

2. Cortney Mcdermott

What you can learn from this life coach website:
If you want to promote yourself as the best of the best, you have to have the credentials to back it up. This is something Cortney Mcdermott does well with a beautiful, simple, and intuitive website. 

The navigation and flow of the website feels effortless, which is key. The way her eyes in her hero image lead you to click on the video play button is brilliant. That video quickly shows she is a great and engaging speaker. The list of organizations below the hero image solidifies her expertise. 

The first thing people see when they land on your website is key, and Cortney successfully draws you in early to keep exploring. The use of video (such as “about me” or explainer video) is brilliant for increasing time on page. This helps improve appearance in searches, as it signals to the likes of Google, that people are more interested in her website than in her competitors’.


3. Stratejoy

What you can learn from this life coach website:
Molly takes a clever approach with her business by building on the notion of community and togetherness. 

Her branding is strong in helping to convey that message. Just reading her website makes you think you’re about to join an awesome group of women on a journey. There is also a great exclusivity feel that you get with her website, creating that “need to buy” urge. Her website, like the others, is very easy to navigate. Best of all, it is very clear what services she offers, because she has this appear high up on her homepage.

Marie Forleo

4. Marie Forleo

What you can learn from this life coach website:
Marie is a leader in the industry, with a huge following on YouTube. As co-creators of her B-School, we – along with the likes of Oprah – have always been a fan. 

For those looking to use video content on their website, coaching or marketing strategy, Marie’s website is a great source of inspiration. Even Marie’s hero image is a video of her beaming at you. Marie also does well to bring her video content onto her website, by repurposing that information on her blog. Video content on blog posts is incredibly powerful and shown to boost SEO, so make sure to check out her website to see how this can be done.

Melissa Ambrosini

5. Melissa Ambrosini

What you can learn from this life coach website:
Your website can be a powerful gateway to establish a deeper connection. You can do this with links to guides, your podcast, books and even social platforms. These are all the kinds of things Melissa’s website has and does well – as do most of the other websites on our list. 

The one thing Melissa does do differently, is integrating Facebook Messenger. So many people call rather than text these days, and that ability to instantly connect is something you might want to consider. It’s worth noting Facebook Messenger can be automated, meaning you don’t need to be available 24/7. 

Craig White

6. Craig White

What you can learn from this life coach website:
If you scroll down on Craig’s homepage, you’ll see a section called ‘A Common MENtality” that feels relatable. It builds a connection by demonstrating where and how Craig can help. He also clearly lays out his services and upcoming events.

Denise Duffield

7. Denise Duffield

What you can learn from this life coach website:
Denise Duffield Thomas has a clear niche: she’s a money mindset coach for women entrepreneurs. If you have a very specific niche, make sure it is abundantly obvious, from the second visitors land on your website. 

Another strong aspect of her website is that she has an uncomplicated navigation, that foregoes the drop down menu. This is something that is increasingly ideal, not only with mobile visitors, but also to help you control your visitor’s journey and avoid information overload.

Screenshot of DreamwithDan.com

8. Daniel Mangena

What you can learn from this life coach website: 

Dan is a life coach specializing in helping people develop an abundant mindset. His website, Dream with Dan, is a dreamy spectacle. The first thing that will catch your attention is its animated background. It instantly transports you into his world, where anything is possible.

Anyone visiting the site for the first time will know exactly what he does and how he can help. He also builds trust and credibility by showcasing video testimonials from his most successful clients.

Kimberley Barnard

9. Kimberley Barnard

What you can learn from this life coach website:
What’s the one thing mothers often feel? Overwhelmed. Right away Kimberley asks her website visitor how they feel and builds a connection. It is clear Kimberley is devoted to helping mother’s find balance and clarity, and her choice of colors and branded imagery feels calm and reassuring. 

Maggie Edwards

10. Maggie Edwards

What you can learn from this life coach website:
This is a strong website that pulls you in immediately, but one of the standout features, is the way Maggie presents her services. Simple menu navigations are becoming a common trend. As seen on other websites – such as Marie Forloe’s coaching website – Maggie created a secondary menu to hide information she wants readily available, but isn’t crucial to the typical website visitor taking a desired action. 

Too often, life coaches create a drop down navigation for services which assumes the visitor somehow knows what they want, and even worse, knows what a quirky and clever program name is actually about. Guiding the potential client is so important to your website doing a good job, and Maggie’s website is a great source of inspiration. 

Top Tips to Create Your Own Life Coach Website

With the above websites to give you inspiration for your own life coach website, the next step is to bring these ideas to reality. To create a website that you’re really proud of and truly works, here are our top tips. 

1. Engaging and professional images of yourself

Just think about it: the first thing you saw when exploring all the best life coach websites listed above, was professional photographs of the coaches. Your website visitors need to put a face to who they will be working with. Professional photographs will give you credibility and make an impactful first impression. 

2.  A statement or tagline

Next to that picture of you, needs to be a statement that clearly reveals your specialty and what results your clients will get if they work with you. This is the second thing your visitors will notice within seconds of landing on your website. If it isn’t clear what you do, most will bounce back to Google. To create a great tagline for your life coach business, follow this 5-step process.

3. Have a Call to Action

Your website needs to guide visitors to the actions you want them to take. Decide what that journey is, and make that path easy to follow. It is recommended to have a Call to Action below your statement or tagline that appears with your hero image. 

4. Free resources

Free resources – be it blog, podcast, YouTube, or guides – are key to helping you forge relationships and create trust. Creating this relationship before prospective clients reach out to you, will make your life easier because they already know, like and trust you. There is also the added benefit of expanding the possibilities of how prospective clients find you. 

If you need content ideas or inspiration, this blog post roundup of the best life coach blogs is a great place to start.

5. Great structure

Your website needs a great structure to lead visitors to take desired actions and build trust. Judgments on website credibility are 75% based on a website’s overall aesthetics.

As a broad overview, you need a homepage, about, services, resources/blog, and contact page. Within this, you’ll need to find ways to get visitors to know, like and trust you. That means you need to include testimonials, professional photographs, and credentials or any other additional social proof you have.

6. Clear services

You need to be really clear on your services, so people can identify what service is the right fit for them. Do not leave them to guess or question, as they will quickly leave your website for one of the many other options that their Google search query turned up for “life coach near me.” 

The Best Life Coach Website Templates

There are so many different ways to build a website, and there are lots of website platforms. Three of the most popular platforms for life coaches are WordPress, Squarespace and Showit5. 

The best WordPress life coach website theme

Divi is a powerful wordpress theme that completely transforms WordPress, so that you rarely – if ever – have to touch the code. With very affordable yearly and lifetime pricing, you get access to over 100 templates that are really easy to customize, as well as mix and match. 

Explore Divi’s layout library for WordPress websites here.

The best Squarespace life coach website templates

GoLiveHQ is the place to go for Squarespace life coach templates, for their beautiful designs and how easy they are to adapt to your individual needs. Squarespace as a website platform is very user friendly, with the ability to tweak without knowing any code – making these templates a sure win!

Have a look at their Squarespace template store here.

The best Showit life coach website templates

Elizabeth Mccravy has so many great templates that include every type of page you’d need to structure a fantastic life coach website. She also includes free training with the purchase of your Showit template. We’re also big fans of LovelyImpact who have a business coaching website template and an executive coaching website template.

Shop LovelyImpact’s coaching website templates here.

Shop Elizabeth McCravy’s website templates for Showit here.

Take Your Coaching Business to the next Level

Your website will often be the first experience your potential clients have with you. A great first impression is so important, but that good impression can be lost as quickly as it was gained. Think hard about the journey and experience you want your potential clients to have, and then put the tools and processes in place to make that happen. 

And don’t forget to integrate Paperbell into your coaching site! Paperbell is a coaching software platform that handles scheduling, billing, contracts, client admin and more. And you can embed it right into your coaching site, here’s an example.

life coaching websites
By Team Paperbell
January 29, 2023

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