14 Black Life Coaches to Follow On Instagram

Instagram is the social media platform where coaches, influencers, photographers and millions of other businesses thrive. With over a billion users on the platform, there is bound to be wealth of talent. And in this case, we’re talking Black talent. 

Instagram’s search and hashtag functionality can only get you so far when you want to quickly connect and be inspired. So to save you the hours we spent trawling through Instagram, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Black life coaches to follow on Instagram

Top 14 Black Life Coaches to Follow on Instagram

As a software solution for coaches, we at Paperbell have committed ourselves to uplifting those in our community, and we are excited to #sharethemic with some amazing Black coaches. 

To make Paperbell’s list of the Black life coaches to follow on Instagram, we chose to highlight those who post fairly consistently, have an engaged audience, and share great content. 

So without further ado, here is our list of the best life coaches on Instagram:

  1. @morganbullock

Morgan’s Instagram is a ray of sunshine! Not many use brand colors well or consistently, but Morgan nails it with her cheery orange. And once you dig in beyond the pretty graphics and imagery, you’ll find engaging and thought-provoking captions on her posts.


2. @jphillpsmsw

Jason is a certified therapist and life coach. He is a great writer with compelling quotes and equally engaging captions. What really sets his Instagram account above the rest though is his willingness to share his space and collaborate. He regularly hosts chats with other experts in their fields. These conversations range from relationship advice to interviews with talented comedians.


3. @iyanlavanzant 

Looking for black women life coaches promoting a positive lifestyle? Stop the scroll! Iyanla is a life coach, television personality (you might recognize her from Iyanla, Fix My Life), speaker, and best-selling author. Her use of audio snippets from her app is a brilliant touch in promoting the app and adding authenticity. She has an incredible and reassuring voice that gives you all the right feels. Seriously, go to her profile and have a listen!


4. @lisa2motivate

Lisa Nichols was featured in the famous self-help book, ‘The Secret,’ and is one of the Mindvalley authors. As a best-selling author in her own right, she has amassed a huge following. Her Instagram feed is a mix of graphics, videos, and private and professional images. She writes thought-provoking captions and consistently takes the time to reply back to those who leave a comment. Her profile is motivational and personable – the perfect mix.


5. @yasminecheyenne

Yasmine is all about self-healing. Her Instagram approach is predominantly words of encouragement, where she asks her audience to “Say it with me.” And though simple, that little added touch makes her audience feel a little less alone. It’s a strategy that has worked well for her as a wellness coach – each post earns her engagement in the thousands.


6. @valorieburton

Valorie is a life coach and best-selling author who makes frequent appearances on the Today Show. She mixes professional with personal images, as well as mixing in different kinds of media content. Our personal favorite is the “I just prayed this little prayer for you.” And all the engagement she gets from these particular posts shows her audience does too!


7. @coachedbyjoc

Joc is a life coach for Black millennial women. Her goal is to break down the fiercely independent “strong black woman” stigma and create a community. Her Instagram is inspirational with a great mix of content that empowers women and in-depth captions. Her Sip N Chat live broadcasts on IGTV which she started in 2020 were a genius way to fight the isolation so many were experiencing in the face of COVID-19 restrictions.


8. @rosettathurman

Rosetta Thurman has been a life and business coach for over a decade. She writes engaging captions that are essentially mini blog posts. We tip our hat to her ability to end her posts with relevant calls to action.


9. @coachdajah

Ladajah is a restoration coach and is all about helping women heal. Her feed looks incredible and is perfect for her target audience. Her mix of content and the engagement she’s getting shows she’s doing all the right things.


10. @_marslord

You can see the day Mars stepped up her Instagram game. By the summer of 2020, she started getting consistent engagement and has been a rising star ever since. Her feed not only looks great, but it also makes you feel great too.


11. @yolandadmercer

Yolanda is bold and so is her feed. This woman has style, and we honestly love how she shows up in her brand colors. From her wardrobe to the color of her lips, she personifies her bold brand. She also strives to deliver great life coaching content – and her Reels and IGTV are clearly where she thrives.


12. @kimberlywomble

Kimberly is a certified life coach who consistently gets great engagement on her Instagram. She is a great writer, and she is brilliant at video delivery.  She’s also proof, yet again, that you don’t need every image to be a slick, professional image to rock Instagram. She mixes her personal life in well with her business, making her feel accessible and incredibly approachable.

coach domonique

13. @coach_domonique

Domonique is passionate about helping women achieve their career goals and attain the life they want. We love how seamless, colorful, and professional Domonique’s Instagram feed is. And once you dig a bit deeper, her thoughtful captions promoting self-awareness pull you right in.


14. @justmoesha_

Moesha isn’t just a life coach – she’s a goal success coach. And we love her Instagram! Not only is it visually amazing, but her content is also super engaging! She’s constantly reinventing herself and we’re excited to see how she grows in the coming years.

Black Life Coaches To Look Out For in 2024

black life coaches
  1. @livethreesixty

Tamu Thomas is a Transformational and leadership coach working with business owners and leaders who are driven by value. She’s helping women leaders work less, live more, and earn more by developing healthy boundaries. Her Insta feed isn’t just gorgeous but also full of inspiring messages — definitely worth a follow!

black life coaches

2. @rebeccalynnpope

Rebecca Lynn Pope is a co-pastor and the founder of Abundant Life Path, a certification program for spiritual coaches. She helps women heal from heartbreak and draw more abundance into their lives, all while feeling fabulous. Her morning affirmations and reels will totally get you hooked.

black life coaches

3. @inikkivalentine 

Nikki Valentine is a Healing and Energy Coach for Black Women. Claiming herself a former workaholic turned balanced babe, she helps black women up their self-care game and get more confident. Her Insta feed is an instant confidence boost — go check it out!

What to Do After You Press That Follow Button on Social Media

Instagram is a social media platform that fosters community and encourages engagement. It is a space where authenticity rules the day and connections are made. 

We encourage you to be more than a passive lurker on the feeds of the Black life coaches we featured in this blog post. Be active. From a simple double tap when you’re mindlessly scrolling to writing thoughtful responses to their posts, help amplify their voice and connect. 

This will help these life coaches rise in the Instagram algorithm machine. And in turn, you might find they return the favor when they see you consistently supporting them. That’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Want to Level Up Your Instagram as a Life Coach?

After viewing such insta-worthy content, let’s talk about leveling up your own profile. As you saw with many of these life coaches, quotes work great for engagement. And as luck would have it, we’ve rounded up 52 of our favorite life coach quotes to fill your feed. That’s one post a week for a whole year that you can tick off your to-do list!

black life coaches

As for the other days of the week, make sure you mix it up. That way you can test what works best with your audience. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Instagram, but authenticity is key. This is your space to show the real you and build connections. 

As for captions, make sure you spend some time on them. If you’re not sure what to write, research what works for other life coaches and put your own spin on it. And please don’t forget to do your hashtag research. You want a good mix that will get you engagement but also, use hashtags that your ideal clients would use. This is a great blog post for discovering what hashtags you should be using on your posts.

black life coaches

And if you seriously want to up your Instagram game, these Instagram templates will help you turn your feed into something truly creative. We’ve gathered real-life examples here from coaches who are regularly producing content for their social media feeds and keeping it aesthetically consistent.

Just remember, Instagram should be one component of your marketing strategy – not your whole strategy. From Twitter to Pinterest and Facebook, there are so many social platforms you can use to amplify your business as a life coach. You don’t have to do all of them at once but if you pick one platform per quarter to jump-start, you can end up running your content on all major platforms in a year like a well-oiled machine.

And if you’re thinking there is no way you can do it all, we want to introduce you to MeetEdgar. MeetEdgar was founded in 2014 and is another brainchild of our founder here at Paperbell – so you know it’s good! As a leading social media tool for automation, it will dramatically reduce the time you spend creating and publishing social media content. 

black life coaches

And last, but not least, don’t neglect your blog. While not a social media platform, it is the one platform you own and fully control. Social media platforms may rise and fall in popularity but your blog is there to stay. 

Your blog is honestly just as powerful –  if not more so – in helping your ideal clients find you. It is also the space where your content will continue to be discovered months, or even years after it was published. No other platform does that, and neglecting your blog is one of the biggest mistakes we see life coaches make. 

If you want to level up your most powerful platform for getting discovered, check out our blog post on how to get leads from your coaching blog.

And if you want more brilliant black life coaches to follow on Instagram, try this hashtag.

black life coaches pin

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2021 and has since been updated for accuracy.

By Kelsie Scully
November 2, 2023

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