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I have just completed the Mindvalley Evercoach: Start Your Coaching Business, 21 day training program and – spoiler alert – IT’S BRILLIANT!

My route to life coaching is an unusual one, in that I chose to re-train in the discipline after being made redundant at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Although I have more than 20 years’ experience in coaching MDs, clients and SMEs in the premium retail space, my skill set in how to coach individuals through their blockers in life, is relatively new.  

I chose this particular program, because as a newbie life coach, although I was confident in any 1-to-1 client situation, I lacked confidence in selling my consultancy and wasn’t sure how to structure or market my offer.  So it was the sales and marketing units of this training program that really appealed to me.

Completing this course has left me motivated, inspired, confident and positive about the future of my own consultancy.  I have learned new ways of working with clients that will add value to what I do, it has demystified and encouraged me to see ‘sales’ completely differently, and implementing some of the sales and marketing training has already generated sales!

It has been the perfect ‘step two’ for me after achieving my professional and academic qualification in life coaching, and I am applying pretty much everything on the course to my new business!

What is the course?

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Start Your Coaching Business is a 21 day training program, of 5 minute videos, watched each day with accompanying worksheets and downloadable materials to support your further reading.

The videos are presented by the course author, Ajit Nawalkha, who is an engaging and likable tutor who makes you feel comfortable and confident throughout.

His style is relaxed, friendly and confident, and his manner puts you at ease immediately, which ensures you start soaking up those positive learning vibes immediately.  His trick of sharing his own stories throughout the training program create a rapport that you wouldn’t expect from a video tutorial.  He is also clearly very successful, which gives you the confidence in his ability and generates trust that what you can learn from him will be valuable. 

Each day’s ‘lesson’ is short enough to fit in to a busy schedule, but is still sufficiently challenging to keep you motivated and energized to keep going. 

You watch and engage with the video first and are encouraged to make your own notes on the accompanying (downloadable and printable) journal.  Having this is a great way of keeping all your notes in one place, and I have used the journal’s notes in my own coaching practice several times since.  After the video lesson, you are then empowered to go away and undertake your ‘homework’ using the pre-preprepared templates.

This is most definitely a course that inspires you to use your knowledge immediately.

It takes you on a structured and motivating journey, from empowering you to establish your own business and life vision and goals, to teaching you some useful tools to use with clients, through to helping approach your own sales and marketing.

As well as the Journal (a download you print off, fill with your own notes and keep) to accompany the course, there are a number of really helpful books and materials peppered throughout the course at different points that really add value. 

The course really does add value you wouldn’t expect and isn’t obvious at first.

Although the course rolls out over a 21 day period and you can’t ‘skip’ days (which is a good tactic to make sure you get the most out of the course!), you can take breaks or pick up where you left off a few days later.  As a busy single mum, this was invaluable to me, as it meant I could dip in and out when I had the time to really absorb the training, and I could spend quality time on the exercises (‘homework’!) on days that suited me.  

You can also go back over old days to ‘top up’ bits you may has missed, which is really useful.  I actually repeated a couple of the training days several times, as I found them so valuable.

Overall, although I didn’t complete the 21 days course in only 21 days, I actually found it more valuable to do the course in bursts and concentrate on specific lessons in chunks.  The course structure gave me the freedom to learn at my own pace and spend quality time on the bits that really mattered to me.

At the end of the course, you undertake a test on what you have learned, which ensures that you retain all the most useful bits of the 21 days and also gives you the confidence that you have learned and can implement your new knowledge.  It also acts as a reminder of everything the course included, which encourages you to re-visit your Journal and re-read some of the bits you found the most interesting.

You also receive a certificate upon completing the test at the end of the course, that gives you lovely little warm feeling inside (and helps Evercoach market their course to others as you smugly share all over your social networks)!

Who would benefit from this course and how?

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New life coaches will find this course absolutely invaluable! I can’t recommend it enough.  I absolutely loved it!

If you have studied the discipline elsewhere and have already learned the tools and methodologies around the discipline, this course is the perfect next step to help you practically set up your own business.

I wouldn’t recommend ONLY doing this course if you’re thinking about re-training as a life coach.  But as a supplement to your core training or diploma, I whole-heartedly recommend it to novice or new life coaches.

The first third of the training program focuses on your own skill set, motivations, vision and what could hold you back from achieving your dreams.  A great way to start, it centers you on what your own success looks like and what your own 3 year plan is, to inspire you to succeed.   It also empowers you to remember other challenges in your life and how you overcame them, which puts starting your own business in a new perspective for you.  Effectively taking that ‘fear’ away from getting started.

This course fabulously helps coach you into a position of success before it starts building the more practical elements of setting up a coaching business.  By the time you get to the practical bits about how to structure your clients sessions and how to sell and market your consultancy, you are in a place of confidence and re-assurance that what you are doing is exactly the right path for you.

The middle third of the course looks at how to structure your sessions, how to get the most out of the time with your clients and how to set professional boundaries.  This is the part of the training that starts to get practical.  This is where the professional skills get layered onto how to coach and were the most valuable to me.  

The final third I found to be the most useful of all, as it gave me specific and practical advice, as well as steps and templates to help sell my services and offer.  I was given the confidence and easy-to-follow steps to start reaching out and selling my services.

One full day spent implementing the advice led to me guesting on a webinar, two big sales and a framework to build content and outreach that is already generating inquiries and initial consultations!

I have also learned some phraseology and interesting new ways of looking at my client’s behaviors that are really valuable.

The course inspired me to change the language on my website and invest time into developing alternative content to help me market myself.

Overall, the demystification and re-framing of sales was the most useful to me and has really motivated me and inspired me.

Other types of coaches that would benefit from this course, include:

  • Coaches who have a successful practice but are looking for a sales boost.  The final third of the course would be invaluable to them if their client base is deteriorating and they need a new revenue stream
  • Coaches with experience in other professional areas, looking to expand into life coaching.  Those with an existing professional and coaching skill set, will find the exercises around 3 year planning, life goals, conquering fears and emotional fitness really useful and help them branch out
  • Coaches who work in-house or for another business and are looking to set up their own consultancy
  • Coaches who qualified a while ago and are looking to a fresh start and some fresh ideas to bring their consultancy to life

Would anyone not benefit from this course?

There’s only one type of person that would NOT benefit from this course and it’s those experienced and successful life coaches who already run an established practice! 

Although the refreshing of a 3 year plan, reminder about affirmations and general ‘check-in’ on your own goals and plans is always welcome at any experience level, I think that experienced life coaches would feel this a little ‘light touch’ for them.

I would recommend more specific skills-based courses for experienced and established coaches. 

An experienced life coach will have also established sales channels which will already be returning for them, so advice on this topic may not be necessary either. 

Overall, I found Evercoach: Start Your Coaching Business to be well worthwhile, and I wholeheartedly recommended it!

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By Lucy Freeborn
December 1, 2020

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