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executive coaching software

Paperbell is the executive coaching software that runs your entire business: scheduling, client admin, online payments, contracts & more.

As an executive coach, you need one app to be your command central. That’s exactly what Paperbell was designed to do: we’re the elegant online solution to manage your business.

Client Scheduling & Payments Fully Integrated In One Place

Just one link takes care of your entire client onboarding process: scheduling, payment, contract signing and intake information.

Paperbell is an online checkout platform with your scheduling and client crm fully integrated. That means that you no longer have to send over a boatload of emails and reminders for each new prospect. Paperbell even handles your free discovery calls!

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Deliver Any Kind of Executive Coaching Package: Payment Plans, Subscriptions, Small Groups & More

Today’s executive coach often does more than just an hour on the phone. Maybe you offer small group sessions, multi-session packages, or ongoing subscriptions that automatically keep your client on a monthly schedule.

That’s why Paperbell lets you deliver exactly the types of packages that your clients love! You can sell multi-session packages, mix different appointment lengths in the same package, and even mix and match 1:1 and group appointments. We also allow you to offer every payment option that you need like coupons, set-up fees, payment plans and pay-in-full discounts.

Impress Your Clients with An Organized Experience

We believe that the inside of your business should be as thoughtfully executed as the coaching service you provide. And as an executive coach, you want to impress your clients with organized and professional processes and systems. With the clientele you serve, you need to make sure client onboarding is an impressive experience.

That’s why Paperbell is modern, elegant and a joy to use for both you and your clients. Imagine the relief of having all of your sales, all of your clients, all of your appointments, all of your notes, all of your intake surveys, and all of your contracts clean and organized.

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No More Overwhelm with Too Many Executive Coaching Tools

The amount of apps and tools an executive coach needs can be overwhelming! You got into this business because you love to help your clients create big change, not because you love adding yet another confusing tool to your monthly expense list.

That’s why Paperbell provides everything you need as an executive coach, all in one platform.

The All-In-One Command Central For You & Your Corporate Clients

Our key difference is having everything beautifully tied together in one executive coaching software portal. You can cancel your scheduling software, your crm, your contract signing tool, and your client workflow software and replace it all with Paperbell!

And your clients benefit as well. When they sign into their client portal they have everything they need at their fingertips: upcoming appointments, a history of packages they’ve purchased, even their signed contracts and survey answers. Plus, they can easily book more appointments or buy more packages. It’s a professional, organized experience that will impressive the executives you work with.

Paperbell Executive Coaching Software Features

Free Accounts for Executive Coaches

Paperbell is currently offering free accounts for executive coaches.

There’s no time limit, and you’ll have access to every feature. That includes scheduling, checkout, digital downloads, contract signing, and more.

Your account is totally free and unlimited through your first client, however long that takes.  And if you’d like to continue with Paperbell after that, it’s a very affordable $40/month. Click here to sign up for your free account.

executive coaching software
By Laura Roeder
August 4, 2021

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