How to Become a Spiritual Coach and Build a Thriving Business

How to Become a Spiritual Coach

A spiritual life coach is a professional who helps individuals identify and achieve their goals in life. But unlike general life coaches, they also emphasized the spiritual aspect of life. 

They provide guidance, support, and accountability for those seeking to create meaningful changes in their lives — and those who want to get in touch with their own spirituality. 

Do you believe this career path could be for you? Keep reading to learn exactly how to become a spiritual coach and get your coaching business off the ground!

Why Become a Spiritual Life Coach?

Spiritual coaching can be an incredibly rewarding profession for the right people! 

This career path allows you to help others discover their true potential and purpose in life. As a spiritual coach, you can work with people from all walks of life — from stay-at-home moms looking for more balance in their lives to corporate executives wanting to get back in touch with their spiritual cores. 

You’ll get the chance to witness your clients grow personally and professionally while also developing yourself spiritually along the way.

How to Become a Spiritual Coach

If you have no idea how to dip your toes into the spiritual coaching world, here are three simple steps to start your journey.

1. Choose your spiritual coaching niche

You could become a generalist spiritual life coach. But you’ll be much more attractive to your dream client if you niche down instead.

Think of it this way — as a general spiritual coach, you could work with everyone. But you won’t be the best fit for everyone. 

On the other hand, niche specialists can’t help everyone… but they are the best at helping those they’re specialized in working with!

Let’s compare this to another coaching niche — financial coaching. If you were struggling with planning for retirement, which coach would you be most likely to hire?

  1. A generalist financial coach who helps everyone take better care of their money.
  2. A retirement specialist who helps people build a savings plan and restructure their finances to prepare for their retirement years.

Probably the second one.

Now, as a spiritual coach, you can niche down in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • The age group or gender of people you work with
  • Specific spiritual views or religions
  • Helping people achieve specific goals (finding peace, developing a spiritual practice that aligns with your purpose, etc.)
  • Helping people overcome specific pain points (struggling to trust your subconscious, feeling torn between different beliefs, etc.)

If you’re not sure what your niche should be, look inward. How has your spiritual journey impacted how you show up in your daily life? What challenges did you have to overcome to be where you are today? These are important moments that will inform how you coach your future clients.

spiritual life coach


For example, here are a few coaching titles that all belong under the spiritual coach umbrella:

  • Embodiment Coach
  • Divine Feminine Coach
  • Buddhist/Christian/Muslim Life Coach
  • Energy Healing Coach
  • Intuitive Awakening Coach
  • Tantric Coach

If you’re not initially sure which one will be your specific coaching niche, it’s also a good approach to start from what isn’t and narrow it down.

2. Develop your spiritual coaching vision or process

Once you have a niche, you’ll need to consider how you want to work with clients. 

What is your vision for your dream clients? What do you want them to accomplish while they work with you? Which steps will you take to help them get there?

And what will a coaching session with you look like?

Your signature process is one of the factors that will differentiate you from other spiritual coaches. And while yours may have some things in common with someone else’s, it should be uniquely yours.

Some spiritual coaches work only with coaching questions, frameworks, and conversation models. Others bring alternative healing modalities, creative visualization, or journaling prompts into their practice. Ultimately, your aim is to bring the most value to your clients with the tools that you believe in the most.

Choose a coaching style and approach that works best for you. If these terms sound completely new to you, consider getting certified as a life coach. Keep reading to find a section on how to do this below.

3. Create your first spiritual coaching package

You can allow your clients to work with you à-la-carte and book sessions as needed. But if you want to help them achieve transformational results, you should consider creating a spiritual coaching package instead. 

A spiritual coaching package will focus on a specific outcome. It usually includes a specific number of coaching sessions in addition to other types of support, such as:

  • Chat support in between sessions
  • Video training 
  • PDF resources and workbooks

Offering packages instead of one-off sessions will urge your clients to commit to their coaching journey and work with you more long-term. And as you’ve probably experienced yourself, sticking to the process for an extended period of time is especially important in an area like spirituality to reach lasting results.

Remember that your first coaching package doesn’t have to be perfect. As you work with more clients, you’ll learn more about what your dream clients are looking for as well as what language resonates with your target audience. This first package is just a way for you to get started. 

How to Become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Because coaches work so closely with people, several certifications exist to teach them the best techniques, processes, and approaches to make their clients successful.

However, certificates aren’t mandatory if you want to begin coaching others on their spiritual life journey. Life coaching — and spiritual coaching at the same time — isn’t a regulated practice.

With that being said, many spiritual coaches prefer to get certified to become more credible — or just straight up to serve their clients on a higher level!

spiritual life coach

There isn’t a single certification process that all spiritual coaches have to go through. But you’ll usually need to go through the following steps:

  1. Choose a spiritual life coaching certification institution.
  2. Follow the curriculum — these can vary from a few weeks to a few years.
  3. Apply for your certification — each institution will have its own certification process and eligibility requirements.
  4. Add your certification to your official bio — once you’ve received your certification, make sure you mention it on all your profiles and client-facing communication channels.

Keep in mind that most recognized spiritual life coaching certifications aren’t evergreen. In short, you need to apply or enroll at specific times during the year, like you would in a college. So, put those dates in your calendar if you want to take a specific certification program in the coming year!

Here are a few providers you can consider to become a certified spiritual coach:

How to Start a Spiritual Coaching Business

Are you ready to make it official and go from aspiring spiritual coach to thriving business owner? Follow these steps to launch your coaching business and land your first client!

1. Pick a name for your spiritual coaching business

Every business needs a name! As a spiritual coach, you can decide to name your business after your own name. Or, you could go with a unique name that communicates your mission, vision, or how you help people.

If you can’t decide on a name right away, stick to your own name and go from there. As you gain experience, you may develop your unique spiritual coaching process with its own special name and may decide to rename your business after it! 

In short, don’t let your business name stop you from launching. 

2. Set up the basics

You don’t need many bells and whistles to start providing spiritual coaching services. But it helps to have the bare minimum in place.

For example, you definitely want to avoid scheduling conflicts! That’s why you should get a calendar scheduling tool to let clients book themselves according to your availability. 

You’ll also need a way to create invoices and accept payments. Stripe and PayPal are both free to use for that purpose.

Finally, you’ll need a way to communicate the value of yourself as a spiritual coach and of your first coaching package! You can buy a domain and create a website, or just build a simple landing page and go from there.

Guess what — Paperbell has all these tools wrapped up in one simple platform! You don’t need anything else to get your spiritual coaching business off the ground.

Swap your website builder, hosting service, payment tool, scheduling software, web signature maker, and all the rest for one simple tool made by coaches for coaches.

3. Make it legal

Business owners have a few legal requirements that employees don’t. For instance, you’ll need to register your business.

As a coach operating alone, you have two options to choose from:

  • Sole proprietorship: This is the simplest and cheapest way to register a coaching business. Sole proprietors are liable for their businesses if they get sued. And if you want to register a name different from your own, you’ll also have to register a DBA (doing business as).
  • Limited liability company (LLC): These businesses exist as separate entities from their owners. It costs more, but you’ll be safer since you’re not personally liable for what happens in your business. 

You should also consider having a contract in place before you get your first client. This is to ensure that you and your client are clear on what you agree to down to the nitty gritty details, and you can set your own terms for your coaching services (including your cancellation and payment policy).

A contract will also help prevent any potential lawsuits arising in the future (we don’t mean to scare you, but it can happen to anyone). If you launch your own website, you can also consider adding Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages for the same reason.

If you want to feel completely safe knowing that you’re protected from these potential legal issues, consider getting insured by a provider who specializes in small businesses.

4. Land your first client

Easier said than done! But, yes — landing your first client is a vital part of getting your spiritual coaching business off the ground.

With one client under your belt, you’ll also (hopefully) have your first testimonial to boost your credibility. 

Here are just a few methods you can try to land your first client:

  • Reach out to your existing network to see if they know anyone who may need your services — referrals often make the best clients!
  • Join relevant Facebook groups to start expanding your network
  • Attend networking events (in person or online) within your niche
  • Pitch yourself and your expertise to relevant podcasts, blogs (as a guest blogger), and even online summits
  • Join online coaching directories like CoachCompare

Remember to ask your first client for a referral if you believe they’re happy with your services!

5. Start marketing your spiritual coaching business

The best way to grow your clientele as a spiritual life coach is by marketing your business. Referrals alone won’t always work!

There are endless ways you can approach marketing. Bookmark these resources to learn about the different approaches you can take:

Don’t feel like you have to tackle all of these at once. Start with one, get the hang of it, and then move on to the next one.

How Much Do Spiritual Coaches Make?

Your income as a spiritual coach can fluctuate wildly. How much you can make will depend on:

  • Your credibility and level of experience
  • How you’re able to position yourself in the market
  • Where your clients are located
  • Your business model and the types of offers you have

As a baseline, you can expect to be able to charge at least $60 to $120 per session as a beginner. But there’s no cap on how much you can make, especially if you implement group coaching into your business model

Become a Fulfilled and Successful Spiritual Life Coach

If supporting others along their spiritual journey of self-discovery is your calling, there’s nothing more fulfilling than becoming a spiritual life coach. And with Paperbell, anyone can get started with all the tools they need in their belt! The best part about running your coaching business on Paperbell? It’s free to use until you sign your first client. Grab your free account to create your first spiritual coaching package today.

How to Become a Spiritual Coach

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November 2, 2023

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